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WSU Regulation 3-4 Policy for Changing the Curriculum
>> includes course, program, and USP forms and instructions.<<
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One-Time Course Offering Form (.doc) [Revised by A2C2 on 4-13-05]

Regulation 3-19: Banking Courses

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MNSCU Required forms for New and Redesigned (Revised) Programs. These forms are required IN ADDITION to the A2C2 forms. These may be obtained from:

A copy is attached. This form must be filled out and sent with your A2C2 paperwork. Only two copies of this form are needed: one with the original and one with the first copy. The forms must be used.

MNSCU New Program Application                   MNSCU Program Redesign Form

Course Proposals

To be heard 9/27/06

Program Revision





ART GD Financial Data

To be heard 10/11/06: No Meeting  
  Note:  As of January 15, 2003 all NEW course proposals must be submitted using the new 3-4 procedure found in this A2C2 page with original + 11 copies + electronic copy to A2C2 chair Ann Rethlefsen. 

Proposals from 2005 - 2006

Proposals from 2004 - 2005

Proposals from 2003-2004

University Studies

University Studies Program web site

University Studies Program and Policies

University Studies Program Assessment Plan (.pdf)      Appendices

US Course Proposal Forms are now included under WSU Regulation 3-4 (links above)

Submitted Proposals

Note:  Courses may be submitted for University Studies approval according to 3-4 procedure with original + 11 copies to A2C2 chair Ann Rethlefsen plus an electronic document to Kathy Schott, IFO secretary.

A2C2 2006-2007Meeting Dates
3:30 p.m. Kryzsko Commons: Dining Rooms C & D

September 6, 2006 November 15 February 28
September 20 December 6 March 14
October 4 January 17, 2007 March 28
October 18 January 31 April 11
November 1 February 14  

Note: The Course & Program Proposal Subcommittee (CPPS) and the University Studies Subcommittee (USS) will meet on the Wednesday afternoons that A2C2 does not meet.