Foreign Language Arabic 101

Foreign Language Arabic 102

Foreign Language  French 101

Foreign Language French 102

Foreign Language  German 101

Foreign Language German 102

Foreign Language Spanish 101  Elementary Spanish I

Foreign Language Spanish 102  Elementary Spanish II


Foreign Language 218  The New Europeans:  Understanding the E.U.


ARAB 101    Arabic for Beginners

ARAB 102     Introduction to Arabic Grammar and Literature

AY 2001-2002


French 301 French Composition
French 401 Phonetics and Pronunciation
French 402 French Literature I
French 403 French Literature II

German 302 German Conversation and Composition
German 401 Survey of German Literature: Medieval to Baroque
German 402 18th and 19thCentury Literature
German 403   20th Century German Literature

Spanish 301 Composition and Conversation
Spanish 302 The Culture of Spain
Spanish_401_Spanish Literature I

Spanish 402 Spanish Peninsular Literature II

AY 2000-2001

Foreign Languages 101      Elementary German I
Foreign Languages 101    Elementary French I
Foreign Languages 101      Elementary Spanish I
Foreign Languages 102    Elementary French II
Foreign Languages 102    Elementary Spanish II
Foreign Languages 102    Elementary German II
Foreign Languages 201      Intermediate French 1
Foreign Languages 201    Intermediate German I
Foreign Languages 201    Intermediate Spanish I
Foreign Languages 202    Intermediate French II
Foreign Languages 202      Intermediate German II
Foreign Languages 202    Intermediate Spanish II