AY 2008-2009

Music 109  Intro to Music
Music 110  History of American Jazz
Music 111  Film Music
Music 112  Culture of the Mississippi River
Music 113  Women in Music
Music 120  Intro to Theory
Music 122 The History of Rock
Music 143  Women's Chorus
Music 239  Jazz Combo
Music 240  Percussion Ensemble
Music 241  Symphonic Wind Ensemble
Music 242  Orchestra
Music 243  Concert Choir
Music 244  Jazz Ensemble
Music 247  Woodwind Ensemble
Music 320  Music for Elementary Teachers
Music 375  Fundamentals of Music Business


AY 2005-2006

Music 112  Musical Culture Along the Mississippi River


Music 440  American Art Music


Music 477  Piano Literature I

Music 478 Piano Literature II

AY 2002 - 2003

Music 203  Theory III

Music 298  Foundations and  Principles of Music Education

Music 351   Music of the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroquie Periods

Music 352  Music of the Classical APeriod and of the 19th and 20th Centuries

Music 402   Form and Analysis

Music 471  Survey of Vocal Literature I (Italian)

Music 472  Survey of Vocal Literature II (German)

Music 473   Survey of Vocal Literature III (French)

Music 475  Advance Instrumental Styles and Literature

AY 2001-2002



AY 2000-2001

MUSIC 109     Introduction to Music
MUSIC 110     History of American Jazz
MUSIC  111    Film Music: Art Behind the Scenes
MUSIC 113     Women in Music
MUSIC 114     World Music
MUSIC 115     Music of East and Southeast Asia
MUSIC  116    Music of the Americas
MUSIC 120     Introduction to Music Theory
MUSIC 122     History of Rock Music
MUSIC 141     World Music Ensemble
MUSIC 143     Women's Chorus
MUSIC 233      Piano Ensemble
MUSIC 239     Jazz Combo
MUSIC 240     Percussion Ensemble
MUSIC 241     Symphonic Wind Ensemble
MUSIC 242     Orchestra
MUSIC 243    Concert Choir
MUSIC 244     Jazz Ensemble
MUSIC 247     Woodwind Ensemble
MUSIC 320     Music for Elementary Teachers
MUSIC 324      Recreational Musical