This form, Proposals for New Courses, is to be used to submit course proposals for any new graduate or undergraduate courses. Read the directions below for information on providing course descriptions and impact of approval on other departments.  The Department must include a Financial and Staffing Data Sheet and an Approval Form with this proposal.  Copies of each of these forms are attached. Refer to Regulation 3-4, Policy for Changing the Curriculum, for complete information on submitting proposals for curricular changes.


When submitting a new course proposal, you must provide all background information requested.  You must also do the following:


A.       Provide a description of the course.  This description must include the following information:


1.        a description of the course as it will appear in the WSU catalog.  Limit this description to approximately 50 words.

2.        a course outline of the major topics, themes, subtopics, etc., to be covered in the course.  This outline should be, at a minimum, a two level outline, i.e., consisting of topics and subtopics.

3.        a statement of the basic instructional plan and methods used.  For example:  lectures, discussion, etc.

4.        course requirements and means of evaluation.

5.        a list of materials to be used in the course.  This list may include textbooks, articles, monographs, software, etc.

6.        a bibliography, including author, title, date, for a reasonable number of  scholarly materials such as articles and books.

The above course description does not preclude future revisions of course content, texts used, methods of instruction and forms of evaluation.


B.        Provide a rationale for the new course.  The rationale should include:


1.        a statement of the major focus and objectives of the course,

2.        a statement specifying how this course will contribute to the Departmental curriculum, and

3.        courses which would be dropped if this course is implemented.


C.        Provide a statement of the impact of this course on other departments, programs, majors, and minors.


1.        In this statement the Department should clearly state the impact of this course on other courses taught in other departments.  Does this course duplicate the content of any other course? Is there an effect on prerequisites?

2.        Would approval of this course change the total number of credits required by any major or minor of any department?  If so, the Department must indicate which departments are affected and explain carefully the effects of the course.

3.        If this course has an impact on the major or minor of any other department or any program, it is the responsibility of the Department submitting the course proposal to send written notification to the departments or programs affected.  State clearly which other majors or minors are affected by this proposal and whether the other departments have been notified and/or consulted.


D.      If this course will be included in the General Education Curriculum, provide a brief justification of how the course fulfils General Education requirements.


Note:  if any of the requested information is missing, the proposal will not be reviewed by the A2C2 Course/Program Subcommittee/ Graduate Council, but will instead be returned to the Department.
















Department       Management of Information Systems and Operations/previously in  Business Administration                       Date __________________




___OM 399____        ______________Internship Problems________________________________     _____3______

Course No.                      Course Name                                                                                                               Credits

This Proposal is for a             ____ Graduate Course                             __X__ Undergraduate Course

Applies to        _____ Major                                      ___X__Minor                                   _____ General Education

                                ___ Required                                  ___ Required                                  ___ Humanities

                                __ Elective                                   _X__ Elective                                   ___ Natural Science

                                                                                                                                                ___ Social Sciences

                                                                                                                                                ___ Different Culture

                                                                                                                                                ___ Allied Studies

Prerequisitescourses that must be completed prior to an internship vary by program. See department for list of requirements. Minimum 2.5 GPA. Grade only.

Grading                   _X___ Grade only                      ____ P/NC only                               ____ Grade and P/NC Option

Frequency of Offering        ____________fall, spring, summer____________



Please attach to this proposal form a complete description of the course including:


A.      Course Description

1.        Catalog description (please limit to approximately 30 words).

2.        Course outline of the major topics and subtopics (minimum of two degree outline).

3.        Basic instructional plan and methods utilized.

4.        Course requirements (papers, lab work, projects, etc.) and means of evaluation.

5.        Textbook(s) or alternatives (list two or three).

6.        List of references and bibliography.


B.       Rationale

1.        Please provide a statement of the major focus and objectives of the course.

2.        Specify how this new course contributes to the departmentís curriculum.

3.        Indicate any course(s) which may be dropped if this course is approved.


C.       Impact of this Course on other Departments, Programs, Majors, or Minors

1.        Does this course increase or decrease the total credits required by a major or minor of any other department?  If so, which department(s)?

2.        List the departments, if any, which have been consulted about this proposal.


D.      General Education Course Proposals

1.        Please provide a brief written justification for including this course among those designated for general education.

2.        If this course is also to be open to majors, indicate clearly how it is designed to serve the needs of both majors and non-majors.


Attach a Financial and Staffing Data Sheet.


Attach an Approval Form.


Departmental Contact Person for this Proposal:


__________________________________________    ____________   ________________________________

        Name (Please Print)                                          Phone                              Email














Include a Financial and Staffing Data Sheet with any proposal for a new course, new program, or revised program.



Please answer the following questions completely.  Provide supporting data.


1.        Would this course/program be taught with existing staff or with new/additional staff?  If this course would be taught by adjunct faculty, include a rationale.


   Course will be taught with existing faculty. 





2.        What impact would approval of this course/program have on current course offerings.  Please discuss number of sections of current offerings, dropping of courses, etc.



   No impact with other courses since the time the student meets in this course depends on their work schedule with the company .






3.        What effect would approval of this course/program have on the department supplies.  Include data to support expenditures for staffing, equipment, supplies, instructional resources, etc.


 No  effect in department supplies since none will be used beside the faculty who will supervise the internship.







                                                                                                Department Chair




                                                                                                Dean of College






The attached proposal was approved by the Department on ____/____/____



                ____________________________________________                                                        Department Chair



Recommendation of Dean of College:                      ____  Approved               ____  Disapproved           on    ____/____/____




        Dean of College


Recommendation of A2C2 Committee:                   ____ Approved               ____ Disapproved           on     ____/____/____


                                                                                For  ____ Major              ____ Minor              ____ General Education




                                                Chair of A2C2



Recommendation of Graduate Council                    ____ Approved               ____ Disapproved           on        ____/____/____




                                                                                Chair of Graduate Council




                                                                                Director of Graduate Studies



Recommendation of Faculty Senate:                       ____ Approved               ____ Disapproved           on    ____/____/____




                                                President of Faculty Senate



Recommendation of Academic Vice-President:        ____ Approved               ____ Disapproved           on    ____/____/____     




        Academic Vice-President                                                       



Decision of President:                                                ____ Approved               ____ Disapproved           on    ____/____/____