Proposals from 2003-2004 Academic Year

to be heard on 3/31/04:
   New                                   Revised                           Revised                 
ART 360                             HERS 389                HERS Core
ART 365                             ENGL 225               HERS: Athletic Train. option
NURS 460 (new)                 ENGL 226              HERS: Exer. Sci. option
BIOL 109                            ENGL 324 syllabus            GEOS: Geoscience option
MCOM 205                        ENGL 325             Art: Graphic Design option
GEOS 121                           ENGL 326
SCIE 401                             ENGL 327
to be heard on 3/3/04:

MIS 372 (new)
ENGL 112 (new)
ENGL 227 (new)
BA Major Sociology (revision)
BS Major Recreation, Tourism, and Therapeutic Recreation (revision)
BA Major Law and Society (revision)
to be heard on 2/18/04:
MIS 398  (new) - forms  rationale
MIS 399 (new) - forms  rationale
OM 398 (new) - forms  rationale
OM 399 (new) - forms  rationale
ENG 240 (new)
DIS 412 (new)
Sociology-General option (revised)
to be heard on 2/4/04:
Sociology: Gerontology Studies Option (new)
MUS 207 (revision)
Music-Music Business major (revision)
 Management of e-Commerce (new)
MIS 200 Independent Studies in MIS (new)
ECON 401 Entrepreneurship and the American Economy (new)
to be heard on 1/21/04:
Business Education (revision) Part A, Part B1, Part B2 (includes courses and program)
to be heard on 12/10/03:
Music-Music Business major (revision)
Music-Music Performance major Part 1, Part 2 (revision)
Music-Music (Liberal Arts) (revision)
to be heard 11/12/03:
HHP 364 (new)                HIST 315 (revision)
HHP 390 (new)                CHEM 410/510 (revision)
HHP 412 (new)               CHEM 411 (revision)
HIST 428 (new)               Chemistry Option B minor (revision)
HIST 467 (new)               Business Administration major (revision)
HIST 468 (new)              HHP Movement Science option (new)
to be heard on 10/29/03:
MUS 108 (new)               CMST 196 (revision)
MUS 208  (new)              CMST 391 (revision)
MUS 207  (new)              CMST 392 (revision)
MUS 256 (new)               Sociology-family studies option (new)
MUS 355 (new)               Sociology-human services option (new)
MUS 356 (new)               CMST - Comm. Studies major (revision)
CMST 291 (new)             CMST - Comm. Studies minor (revision)
POLS 240 (revision)         CMST - Intercultural Comm. minor (revision)
to be heard on 10/15/03:
GEOS 104 (new)                      HIST 496 (new)
GEOS 116  (new)                     Psychology major-option B (revision)
GEOS 325  (new)                     Sociology-family studies option (new)
Global Studies minor (revision)  Sociology-human services option (new)
HIST 495 (revision)