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September 10:

New Courses:                                 Revised Courses:        Revised Programs:

SPED 432                                      SPED 411                  SPED Revised DD

SPED 432 Financial                        SPED 441                  SPED Revised Financial DD

SPED 433                                      SPED 446

SPED 433 Financial

PESS 124


October 8:

New Courses:           Revised Programs:

ECON 220               Psychology Revision

RTTR 210                HERS Car-Pul Rehab Prog Rev

                                HERS MV-SCI 4 yr plan

                                HERS MV-SCI Fin Data

                                HERS MV-SCI Planning Doc

                                HERS MV-SCI Prog Rev


October 22:

Revised Courses          New Courses        New Programs

MCOM 356 Rev         GEOS 107           GS Japanese Minor

GS 300                        CHIN 301

Note:  As of January 15, 2003 all NEW course proposals must be submitted using the new 3-4 procedure found on this A2C2 page with original + 11 copies + electronic copy to A2C2 chair Ann Rethlefsen. Proposals are due the Wednesday before the CPPS meeting.

Notifications: Please send the original and one copy!

November 5:

New Courses              Revised Programs

N488                          RTTR RT

N488 financial             RTTR TR

January 28:

New Courses:

NURS 341     NURS 353     NURS 443     NURS 453    HERS 384

NURS 343     NURS 354     NURS 444     NURS 454    HERS 498

NURS 344     NURS 426     NURS 446     NURS 358    POLS 419

NURS 352     NURS 427     NURS 458     HERS 327

Revised Courses:

NURS 421

NURS 422

NURS 360     NURS 360 Table

NURS 366     NURS 366 Table

Revised Program:

NURS Revised Program

NURS Rev Prog with Rationale

New Programs:

HERS-RTTR Wellness Minor

February 18

New Courses: There is a special section entitled Early Childhood-Special Education that has all the courses and the NEW PROGRAM embedded within the single document for posting purposes only:

Early Childhood SPED


Revised Courses

N491     N415     N375

N455     N475     N445

N465     N435

Revised Program:

NURS Rev Major RN to BS