Course Proposals CPPS Meetings are held opposite A2C2 Meetings

in Dining Room B of Kryzsko Commons

at 3:30 p.m.

To be heard on:  

September 9:

Revised Programs:




September 23:

BIOL 492

GS 325


October 7:

New Courses:

FIN 390

NURS 361

Revised Programs:

Finance Major

Finance Minor

Note:  As of January 15, 2003 all NEW course proposals must be submitted using the new 3-4 procedure found on this A2C2 page with original + 11 copies + electronic copy to A2C2 chair Ann Rethlefsen. Proposals are due the Wednesday before the CPPS meeting.

Notifications: Please send the original and one copy!

SSHT Revision                             PHYS 160

Physics BT

MKTG Revised Program

GS 300

FIN 390

December 2:

Program Revisions:    Business Administration: 28 Documents

GS Minor                  COB Revisions                   COB Revisions XII            COB Revisions XXII

GS Major                  COB Revisions II               COB Revisions XIII           COB Revisions XXIII

                                 COB Revisions III              COB Revisions XIV          COB Revisions XXIV

Revised Courses:       COB Revisions IV             COB Revisions XV            COB Revisions XXV

THAD 239 2             COB Revisions V              COB Revisions XVI           COB Revisions XXVI

THAD 239               COB Revisions VI              COB Revisions XVII         COB Revisions XXVII

                                COB Revisions VII             COB Revisions XVIII        COB Revisions XXVIII

                                COB Revisions VIII            COB Revisions XVIX

                                COB Revisions X               COB Revisions XX

                                COB Revisions XI              COB Revisions XXI

February 3:

GEOS199_Course_Proposal                         GEOS301_Revisions

GEOS235_Revisions                                     GEOS309_Revisions

GEOS305_Revisions                                     GEOS442_Revisions

GEOS355_CourseProposal                           CMST 195



February 24

USS: GS 335                   USS: CMST                 USS: HUM 240                           USS: MKTG 105

USS: GS 335 USS Final

USS: GS 345                   USS: ART 440             USS1: SPED 455 USS1

CPPS:  MUS 117            USS: SOC 378             USS2: SPED 455 USS2

March 17

New Courses

WAGS 333 New               Revised Program: EDUC RP                                        

WAGS 333 Assn               

WAGS 333 Syllabus          New Program: MS SCI Minor

MTED 222                                               MS MATH Minor

MTED 225

MTED 301

ART 452

University Studies

                   GEOS 199 USS    BIOL 212 Syl

ART 440 USS                        BIOL 211              BIOL 212 USS

                     BIOL 211 USS      BIOL 212 Sample

April 7                                         New Programs:

CPPS                                          CAL ProgREV ?


HERS 402                    EDUC XXX Child A            MATH 205

THAD 222                   EDUC XXX Child B            PHYS 321

Revised Courses:

THAD 239                         SPAN 300 A    SPAN 300 C   SPAN 304 B

THAD 239 2                      SPAN 300 B    SPAN 304 A

Revised Program:

CALT ProgREV                ELEC Rev         ERMS Rev

ERES Rev                         ERCR Rev        

University Studies

THAD 107 USS              ART 452 USS   WAGS 333 USS   GEOS 215