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French 301

French Composition

This is the composition course in the French major and addresses the requirements and learning activities that enhance students’ ability to…

  1. Practice the processes and procedures for creating and completing successful writing in their fields
  2. Overall the field is the French language. This course is designed to teach the students how to express themselves in writing in that language. The task is approached through translations and compositions. Translating a text forces the student to analyze how the author used words to convey an idea, and to determine how this idea can be expressed in French. Compositions allow the student more freedom of expression. The essential feature is correction and rewriting. Every assignment, translation, and composition is rewritten at least once.

  3. Understand the main features and uses of writing in their fields
  4. Students are required to write compositions that describe nature, people and events.

  5. Adapt writing to the general expectations of readers in their fields
  6. The reader expects to read standard French, free of mistakes and Anglicisms. Translations help to teach that ideas are expressed differently in languages. The student should look for the French translation of the idea and tone, not the words.

  7. Make use of the technologies commonly used for research and writing in their fields
  8. The students are provided with and encouraged to use a French word processing package. It is free and provides the standard features, grammar and spelling verification as well as a thesaurus. On the other hand, this is not a research course.

  9. Learn the conventions of evidence, format, usage, and documentation in their fields

Some of the assignments require footnotes and bibliography. One teaches the standard format for a French business letter.