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French 402: French Literature 1- 3 s.h.


  1. Practice the processes and procedures for creative writing and completing successful creative writing in their fields:
  2. This course focuses on the study of selected texts from Medieval and Renaissance French Literature masterpieces (XIth --- XVIth century).

    The students are asked to answer, in writing, precise questions on each text studied. They are also asked to write short essays in French, developing a theme, a comparison between authors, genres or schools of thought. They are asked to use the classical device of: introduction, thesis, antithesis, and synthesis in their written presentations.

  3. Understand the main features and uses of writing in their field.
  4. The students learn to use correct grammar and literary discourse in French while discussing ideas and concepts.

  5. Adapt writing to the general expectation of leaders in their field:
  6. The students are expected to write correct French and to convey abstract concepts in French.

  7. Make use of technologies commonly used for research and writing in their fields.
  8. Besides the use of grammar and dictionaries, the student learns to do research in the various media they will have to consider. Internet, literary magazines, newspaper articles etc. will be made available to them by the teacher who will assist them in their research.

  9. Learn the convenience of evidence, format usage, and documentation in their fields:

The students are taught to use their own judgment on an author or a text. However, they must always support their opinion by a direct quote from the author or from a respected published essay. They learn the rules of French essay writing, quoting, punctuation, and spelling. They become acquainted with literary magazines and review published in France or in French speaking countries.