Approved by Faculty Senate.

University Studies Course Approval
Department of Physical Education and Recreation
College of Education

PER Course Number: 100
Course Title: Soccer
Semester Hours: 1 SH
Frequency of Offering: Each Semester

Course Syllabus

This is a 1 credit University Studies course that satisfies the "Physical Development and Wellness"
component of the student’s Basic Skills program. Designated University Studies outcomes for this
course are listed below

Outcome #1 Learn skills that will improve the quality and length of their lives.
Outcome #2 Make proactive choices leading to a healthier lifestyle.
Outcome #3 Explore dimensions of personal health promotion and disease prevention.
Outcome #5 Understand health as multidimensional, involving the whole person’s relationship to the total environment.
Outcome #6 Utilize physical activity to reduce medical risks and provide relaxation, socialization and balance in their lives.
Outcome #8 Enhance creative use of leisure time.
Outcome #9 Develop skills consistent with efficient levels of human movement.

Catalog Description
Fundamental skills and knowledge necessary for the recreational purposes of the participant.
Includes rules, conditioning and strategy.

Course Objectives

  1. This course will provide the opportunity to develop and improvement of basic soccer skills. (Outcomes #1,9)
  2. This course will equip students with knowledge of the rules and strategies to be a successful soccer player.
  3. This course will provide students with the information needed to detect errors and correct them. (Outcome #9)
  4. This course will provide the appreciation for the use of soccer skills and strategies (Outcome # 8 & 9)
  5. This course will provide the opportunity for the encouragement of sportsmanship
  6. and soccer etiquette. (Outcome #2)

  7. Individuals are encouraged to develop a regular group of soccer players that are
  8. willing to meet on a regular basis. (Outcome #2,8)

  9. Soccer allows individuals to develop skills that can help them to be physically active today and through their retirement years. Soccer provides a full body and cardiovascular workout. (Outcomes #1,2,5,6)

Course outline

  1. Introduction to soccer
          A. Aims and objectives of class
          B. Brief historical background
          C. Equipment – Care and usage (Outcomes #5,9)
          D. Basic etiquette (Outcomes # 1,2,6)
          E. Health and social benefits (Outcomes #1,2,3,5,6,8,9)


     II.   Offensive Skills (outcome #1 and 9)
                A. Dribble
                B. Pass
                C. Heading
                D. Shooting
                E. Receiving
                F. Throws

   III.   Defensive Skills (Outcomes #1,9)
                A. Trapping
                B.   Tackling
                C.   Goal Keep

     IV.  Rules of the game

Basic Instructional Plan and Methods

Lectures, demonstrations, video tapes, and group activity sessions. (outcomes #1, 2,3,5, 6, 8, 9)

Grading                                                             Criteria_______________________________

    1. Complete 4 of the criteria                     100% attendance and participation
    2. Complete 3 of the criteria                      Demonstrate the ability to perform offensive
    3.                                                          and defensive skill

    4. Complete 2 of the criteria                     Positive attitude, etiquette and effort
    5. Complete 1 of the criteria                     Demonstrate knowledge of the general rules

Textbook - None Required


Widdows, Richard. The Arco Book of Soccer Techniques and Tactics. Arco
Brown, Michael J. Soccer Rules in Pictures. Putman