Approved by Faculty Senate.

University Studies Course Approval
Department of Physical Education and Recreation
College of Education

PER Course Number: 101
Semester Hours: 1 SH
Frequency of Offering: Each semester
Course Title: Basketball

Course Syllabus

This is a 1 credit University Studies course that satisfies the "Physical Development and Wellness"
component of the student’s Basic Skills program. Designated University Studies outcomes for this
course are listed below

Outcome #1 Learn skills that will improve the quality and length of their lives.
Outcome #2 Make proactive choices leading to a healthier lifestyle.
Outcome #3 Explore dimensions of personal health promotion and disease prevention.
Outcome #5 Understand health as multidimensional, involving the whole person’s relationship to
                   the total environment.
Outcome #6 Utilize physical activity to reduce medical risks and provide relaxation, socialization
                   and balance in their lives.
Outcome #8 Enhance creative use of leisure time.
Outcome #9 Develop skills consistent with efficient levels of human movement.

1. Catalog Description The development of basic fundamental skills, knowledge’s and strategies
   involved in beginning basketball in order to be able to enjoy playing recreational basketball.

2. Statement of the Major Focus and Objectives of the Course
   This class will attempt to develop and improve current basketball skills
   and techniques. Individual mastery of skills as well as team techniques
   will be taught.

Students should:

  1. Demonstrate the basic basketball skills enabling the student to play the game. (Outcomes 1,9)
  2. Improve cardiovascular endurance through full participation of this course. (Outcomes 1,2,3,6,8)
  3. Complete the required warm-up activities daily. (Outcomes 2,6,9)
  4. Cooperate in a sportsmanlike behavior during drills and game play. (Outcomes 1,2,5)
  5. Complete in game play adhering to the official rules of basketball. (Outcomes 1,2,5)
  6. Improve offensive and defensive team strategy. (Outcomes 1,5)

3. Course Outline of Major Topics and Subtopics

    I. Pre-Tests (Outcomes 1,9)
    A. Dribbling with change of directions
    B. Chest Passing
    C. Spot-shooting
    D. Lay-ups

    II. Basic individual skills (Outcomes 1,6,8)
    A. Dribbling
    B. Passing
    C. Shooting
    D. Rebounding
    E. Screens & Picks
    F. Defense

    III. Basic Team Skills (Outcomes 8.6)
    A. Pick & Roll
    B. Give & Go
    C. Fast Breaks
    D. Team defense

    IV. Patterned offense (Outcomes 6,8)
    A. Motion offense

    V. Game Play (Outcomes 2,6,8,9)

    VI. Post Testing (Outcomes 1,9)
    (same as I.)

4.  Basic Instructional Plan and Teaching Methods
   Basic instructional methods will be demonstrations and videos.

5.  Course Requirements and Evaluation
     A. Completion of pre & post skills tests
     B. Attendance required unless student has excused absence

6. Textbook or Alternative
    A textbook will not be required for this class. Handout sheets will be given to fully explain game rules.

7. List of References and Bibliography
    Johnston, B., Practical Basketball, Stipes Publishing, 1989
    Wilkes, G., Basketball, WM.C. Brain, 1990
    Krause, Jerry. Coaching Basketball, Masters Press, 1991.