Approved by Faculty Senate.

University Studies Course Approval
Department of Physical Education and Recreation
College of Education

PER Course Number: 103
Course Title: Racquetball
Semester Hours: 1 SH
Frequency of Offering: Every semester, multiple sections

Course Syllabus

This is a 1 credit University Studies course that satisfies the "Physical Development and Wellness"
component of the student’s Basic Skills program. Designated University Studies outcomes for this course
are listed below.

Outcome #1 Learn skills that will improve the quality and length of their lives.
Outcome #2 Make proactive choices leading to a healthier lifestyle.
Outcome #3 Explore dimensions of personal health promotion and disease prevention.
Outcome #5 Understand health as multidimensional, involving the whole person’s relationship to the total
Outcome #6 Utilize physical activity to reduce medical risks and provide relaxation, socialization and
                   balance in their lives.
Outcome #8 Enhance creative use of leisure time.
Outcome #9 Develop skills consistent with efficient levels of human movement.

1. Catalog Description The development of basic fundamental skills, knowledge’s and strategies involved
    in beginning racquetball in order to be able to enjoy playing recreational racquetball.

2. Statement of the Major Focus and Objectives of the Course
    Racquetball has become a very popular lifetime leisure activity. The major focus of this course is to develop 
    the basic skills and knowledge necessary to participate in racquetball and to develop an interest, understanding,
    and appreciation of the game as it can be enjoyed as a spectator.

    1. To provide the opportunity for the development and perfection of basic skills involved in racquetball. (Outcomes #1,9)
    2. To provide the opportunity for the development of knowledge necessary to be a successful player. (Outcomes #1,2,9)
    3. To be able to detect errors and correct them. (Outcomes #5,8)
    4. To develop an appreciation for the use of badminton skills and strategies to be used as a recreational activity. (Outcomes #5,6,8)
    5. To enjoy playing racquetball. (Outcomes #1,2,9)

3. Course Outline of Major Topics and Subtopics
              A. Discuss equipment (Outcomes 3,5
                     1.   Racket
                   2.    Balls
                   3.    Safety glasses

              B.  To develop the following basic skills (Outcomes 1,2)
                    1. Serve
                       a. long-high
                       b. short-low
                       c. drive
                       d. two-wall
                    2. Passing shot
                    3. Z-shot
                    4. Ceiling shot
                    5. Kill

              C.   Basic rules and scoring – singles and doubles (Outcomes 5,8)

    D. Singles strategy (Outcomes 5,8)
        1. Positioning
        2. Type of serve and placement
        3.Type of shots and placement
        4.General strategy
        5.Placement of return serve
        6.Passing shots
        7.Ways to open the court

    E. Doubles strategy (Outcomes 5,8)

    1. Systems of play
    2. Types of shots to be used
    3. Position and court coverage
    4. Placement or returns

4. Basic Instructional Plan and Teaching Methods
    Lecture, demonstration, group discussion, and group activity sessions

5. Course Requirements and Evaluation
  A. Participation:                         85 points
  B. Subjective rating on game play: 45 points
            1.   technique of basic skills
            2. basic strategy and positioning

C. Skill test:                                 40 points
D. Written final exam:                        50 points

           TOTAL POINTS: 220 points

6. Textbook or Alternative
Web sites (go to index and then "R" for rules to
check out the official rules)


7. List of References and Bibliography

Allsen, Phillip E.,Witbeck, Pete. Racquetball. Wm. C. Brown Publishers, 1988.

Fabian, Lou. Racquetball: Strategies for Winning. Eddie Bowers
Publishing Co., 1986.

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