Approved by Faculty Senate.

University Studies Course Approval
Department of Physical Education and Recreation
College of Education

PER Course Number: 139
Course Title: Tennis
Semester Hours: 1 SH
Frequency of Offering: Each Semester

Course Syllabus
This is a 1 credit University Studies course that satisfies the "Physical Development and Wellness"
component of the student’s Basic Skills program. Designated University Studies outcomes for this
course are listed below

Outcome #1 Learn skills that will improve the quality and length of their lives.
Outcome #2 Make proactive choices leading to a healthier lifestyle.
Outcome #3 Explore dimensions of personal health promotion and disease prevention.
Outcome #5 Understand health as multidimensional, involving the whole person’s relationship
                   to the total environment.
Outcome #6 Utilize physical activity to reduce medical risks and provide relaxation, socialization
                   and balance in their lives.
Outcome #8 Enhance creative use of leisure time.
Outcome #9 Develop skills consistent with efficient levels of human movement.

1. Course Description
  Fundamental skills and knowledge appropriate for beginner, intermediate,
    and advanced players including rules, conditioning and strategy of play.
   Students must supply their own racquet and balls.

2. Major Focus and Objectives bulletAppreciate tennis as a lifelong physical activity and it’s healthy benefits.
(Outcomes #1, 2,3) bulletUnderstand the fundamentals of contacting the tennis ball. (Outcome #1) bulletUnderstand the fundamentals of playing singles. (Outcome #1) bulletUnderstand the fundamentals of playing doubles. (Outcome #9) bulletStudents will be able to keep score of a tennis match. bulletEnjoy playing tennis. (Outcome #1) bulletIndividuals can develop a regular group of tennis players that are willing to meet on a regular basis. (Outcomes #2,8)

  1. Course Outline
  1. Equipment and care of equipment (Outcome #5)
  2. Health and social benefits tennis can provide (Outcomes #1,2,3,5,6,8)
  3. Forehand technique (Outcome #9)
  4. Backhand technique (Outcome #9)
  5. Serving technique (Outcome #9)
  6. Lob (Outcome #9)
  7. Punch and net play (Outcome #9)
  8. Smash (Outcome #9)
  9. Rules, etiquette and scoring
  10. Singles strategies
  11. Doubles strategies

4. Basic Instructional Plan and Methods
Lectures, demonstrations, video tapes, and group activity sessions.
    (Outcomes #1,2,3,5,6,8,9)

5. Method of Evaluation
Daily Attendance 150 pts. A = 200 – 180 pts
   Skill Analysis          25 pts. B = 179 – 160 pts
   Written Test                     5 pts. C = 159 – 140 pts
   Total points                 200 pts. D = 139 – 120 pts

6. Textbook - None required

7. Resources
Tennis Anyone by Dick Gould
    Two-Handed Tennis: How to Play a Winner’s Game by Jeffrey F. McCullough
    Tennis Basics by Robert J. LaMarch
    Ultimate Tennis-The Pleasure Game by Al Secunda