Approved by Faculty Senate

University Studies Course Approval
Department of Physical Education and Recreation
College of Education

PER Course Number: 140 Course Title: Bowling
Frequency of Offering: Each semester, multiple sections

Course Syllabus
This is a 1 credit University Studies course that satisfies the "Physical Development and Wellness" component
of the student’s Basic Skills program. Designated University Studies outcomes for this course are listed below

Outcome #1 Learn skills that will improve the quality and length of their lives.
Outcome #2 Make proactive choices leading to a healthier lifestyle.
Outcome #3 Explore dimensions of personal health promotion and disease prevention.
Outcome #5 Understand health as multidimensional, involving the whole person’s relationship to the total environment.
Outcome #6 Utilize physical activity to reduce medical risks and provide relaxation, socialization and balance in their lives.
Outcome #8 Enhance creative use of leisure time.
Outcome #9 Develop skills consistent with efficient levels of human movement.

I. Catalog Description
Fundamental skills and knowledge necessary for the recreational purposes are
provided for the participant. The course includes rules and strategy of play.
$9.00 additional fee.

II. Course objectives

  1. This course will provide the opportunity to develop and improvement of one’s basic bowling skills. (Outcomes #1,6)
  2. This course will equip students with knowledge of the rules and strategies to be a successful bowler. (Outcome #1)
  3. This course will provide students with the information they need to detect errors and correct them. (Outcome #9)

    4.This course will provide the appreciation for the use of bowling skills and strategies. (Outcomes #1,6,9)

    5. This course will provide the opportunity for the encouragement of sportsmanship and bowling etiquette.

6.  This course may encourage individuals to form a regular group of bowlers that are willing to meet on a regular
     basis in the future. (Outcomes #2,6,8)

III. Course Outline

A. Introduction to Bowling

    1. Aims and objectives of class
    2. Brief historical background
    3. Equipment – Care and selection (Outcome #5)
    1. Parts of the lane
    2. Pin identification
    3. Shoes
    4. Selection of ball
    1. Basic etiquette (Outcome #6)
    2. Health and social benefits (Outcomes 1,2,3,6)
  1. Fundamentals (outcomes #1,9)
    1. Stance
    2. Approach
    3. Correct hand position in the ball
    4. Swing elements
    5. Coordination of the approach and swing
    6. Delivery
  1. The Strike Ball (outcome #9)
    1. The proper angle of entry and pin action
    2. Spot bowling
    3. Hook ball and its action
    4. The 3-2-1 strike adjustment system
    5. The 3-4-5 strike adjustment system
    6. The reading of the lane
  1. The Spare Conversions (Outcome #9)
    1. The 3-6-9 spare conversion (Outcome #9)
    2. The 3-4-6 spare conversion
    3. Identifying the key pins
  1. Scoring and how to calculate an average

IV. Basic Instructional Plan and Methods

Lectures, demonstrations, video tapes, and group activity sessions. (outcomes #1,
2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9)

V. Grading Criteria_______________________________

    1. Complete 4 of the criteria100% attendance and participation
    2. Complete 3 of the criteria Improvement (score, form)
    3. Complete 2 of the criteria Positive attitude, etiquette and effort
    4. Complete 1 of the criteria Demonstrate the ability to keep score

VI. Resource

Grinfelds & Hultstrand. Right Down Your Alley: The Complete Book of Bowling.