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Oral Interpretation

(The Perception and Evocation of Literature-An Artistic Performance Class)

THAD 141

Three Semester Hours-University Studies Fine and Performing Arts

Instructor: Vivian Fusillo

Primary Text: Oral Interpretation by Lee and Gura


A study and performance of prose, poetry and drama beyond a mere vocalization of silent reading. Through this course the participant gains an understanding and brings to life through performance the printed symbols which for centuries has preserved mankind’s ideas and experiences. This course of three semester hours fulfills the Fine and Performing Arts Requirements of University Studies.

No Prerequisites

Three semester hours offered each semester

Outcomes of Oral interpretation THAD 141

This course is designed and includes performance and academic experience that:

  1. Explores the language, skills, and materials of an artistic discipline
  2. Provides the student with a basic understanding of how voice and body movement affects the reception and delivery of the written work in a verbal media. Major course emphasis shall be on the development and artistic performance to recreate the emotions of the author’s written words through sound and body movement.
  3. Use the methods of an arts practitioner to actively engage in creative processes or interpretive performances.
  4. Students shall study and develop methods and create a performance for nine (9) styles of the written word. These styles are part of ones everyday life experiences—i.e. letters to the editor, Commercial Advertising, with music background etc. Ones verbal and body movements along with sound, visual and light effects shall be part of each artistic performance.
  5. Understand the cultural and gender concepts of artistic expression
  6. Within each of these nine (9) styles, the student shall be required to explore scripts for cultural, historical, and gender content. They shall include their interpretation of these in their class performances.
  7. Engage in reflective analysis of their own art work or interpretive performance and respond to the works of others
bullet bulletEach participant shall be required to react, evaluate, and critique one’s own performance as well as those of their peers. This shall be in the form of oral, instantaneous reaction, group performance review, electronic communication, the written word and/or a combination of all.