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University Studies
Course Proposal - Fine and Performing Arts

Department: Theatre and Dance

Course Number: THAD 205

Number of Credits: 1

Course Title: Makeup for the Performer

Catalog Description: In depth study of the design and execution of traditional and nontraditional theatrical make up for the performer. Each student must purchase a personal theatrical makeup kit to instructor’s specifications. Students will be expected to attend performances outside of normal class time. Concurrent registration in THAD 090 required of all Theatre majors and minors and Dance minors. Offered yearly. Grade only

This is an existing course that has previously been approved by A2C2.

Department contact person for this course: Win Lewis


The proposed course is designed to satisfy the requirement in: Fine and Performing Arts

a. explore the language, skills, and materials of an artistic discipline;
Through a series of exercises and project supported by readings, demonstration, and videos students will learn the materials, techniques and practices used in the design and execution of makeup.

b. use the methods of an arts practitioner to actively engage in creative processes or interpretive performances;
Through the course of the semester the students will execute makeup designs on themselves or on a classmate. Each project will build on the previous project's techniques. The final project will be a makeup design for a character from a play chosen from a list provided by the instructor. The students will be expected to do a character analysis, the research necessary to understand the character's cultural and possible physical attributes and then to create a design that will aid a performer in bringing this character to live.

c. understand the cultural and gender contexts of artistic expression;
Through character research and the creation of a makeup "Morgue" students will learn about the many possibilities that can be found in the human face. They will learn how to create a "mask" of make up that combined with character analysis may be used to create a character different from themselves. These differences can include but are not limited to age, social status, cultural differences, gender differences, and other factors that combine to create the varied characters, real or unreal, that appear on stage

d. engage in reflective analysis of their own art work or interpretive performance and respond to the works of others.
The students are expected to attend a minimum of two productions outside of normal class time. They are then expected to write a critique on the makeup used in both of these productions based on what has been discussed in class and covered in their text. The students will keep a journal that will contain all of the research used for each project, the makeup sheet used to execute each design, the written character analysis when called for and a post project analysis of their work based on feedback from the instructor.


Corson, Richard. Stage Make Up.
9th ed.

WSU-THAD Production Hand Book 2000-2002 (provided by Instructor)

Course Objectives
To Explore the human face.
To Learn about some of the different makeup materials available to the performer.
To Experiment with both 2D and 3D makeup Techniques.
To Practice different make-up Techniques on yourself and others.
To Develop proper research techniques needed to create makeup designs.
To Learn to evaluate the makeup used in realized productions

Required Materials:
Student Theatrical Make-up Kit
One Hank of Crepe Hair
Comb with both narrow and wide teeth
Box of Facial Tissues (Label with Name)
Smock or Old Button Down Shirt
Facial Cleaner

Suggested Materials:
Soap in Soap Box
Razor and Shaving Cream
Mascara (Black or Brown or both)
Hand Mirror
Powder Puff
Baby Powder
Powder Brush

Assignments and Evaluation: (Assignment Pages still under Construction)

What Name % Points
Assignment Charcoal & Chalk on Grey Paper 2.5% 25
Assignment Written face analysis 2.5% 25
Project 1 Corrective Makeup 7.5% 75
Project 2 Old Age Makeup 7.5% 75
Project 3 Old Age Makeup on Partner 10% 100
Project 4 Animal Makeup 7.5% 75
Project 5 Fantasy Makeup 7.5% 75
Project 6 Likeness Makeup 10% 100
Final Project Play Character Makeup 12.5% 125
Assignments One Page Evaluations (2) 5%ea 100
Assignment Makeup Morgue 5% 50
Journal Due on Request 10% 100
Final Take Home Final 7.5% 75
Total   100% 1000


Assignment Due Dates:
All assignments for this class have specific due dates. I expect all assignments on the assigned day. I will not accept assignments past the due date. If the assignment is not finished please turn in what you have. All written assignments must be typed (all computer users : the font may be no larger than 12 Point, the margins no larger then one (1) inch and please spell check. )

Class Attendance:
Attendance for this class is mandatory.
This is a hands on course with many weekly projects
There are NO UNEXCUSED ABSENCES permitted in this class.
Any missed projects must be made up with a grading penalty applied.


Buchman, Herman. Stage Makeup. New York: Watson-Guptill, 1989.
Corson, Richard. Stage Makeup. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1990.
Ingham, Rosemary. From Page to Stage; How Theatre Designers Make Connections Between Scripts and Images. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann, 1998.
Smith, Dick. Dick Smith's Do-It-Yourself Monster Make-Up. Charlotte, SC: Morris Costumes Inc., 1985.
Swinfield, Rosemarie. Period Make-up for the Stage. Cincinnati: Betterway Books, 1997.
Swinfield, Rosemarie. Stage Makeup Step-by-Step. Cincinnati: Betterway Books, 1994.

Any student who, because of a disabling condition, may require some special arrangements in order to meet course requirements should contact the instructor as soon as possible to make necessary accommodations.

This Calendar is subject to change based on the needs of the class. Significant changes will be announced in class.
If a student has any questions concerning the calendar please ask. Exam date will remain the same.
Day Subject Text Assignment Notes Work Criteria
WK-1 Introduction 6-18 .   Video (a)
WK-2 Demonstration 1-5 Exploration 1st application of makeup Drawing of Illuminated Objects (a,b)
WK-3 Line/Shadow Techniques 69-134 Exploration Page 71 of Text Face paper (a,b,d)
WK-4 Corrective Makeup 46-64 Project 1 Makeup Plot Due   (a,b,d)

Demonstration of
Old Age Makeup

65-68 Exploration Change features line/shadow   (a,b)
WK-6 Waxes & Putties Exploration Building up features   (a,b)
WK-7 3D Texture Techniques 146-171 Exploration Latex & Spirit Gum   (a,b)
WK-8 Old Age Makeup 27-37 Project 2 Makeup Plot Due Old Age Research (a,b,d)
WK-9 Old Age Makeup on Partner   Project 3 Makeup Plot Due Analysis of partner's face (a,b,c,d)
WK-10 Beards/Mustaches/Side Burns 205-222 Exploration Build a beard or mustache   (a,b)
WK-11 Animal Project 263-274 Project 4 Makeup Plot Due Research on Animal (a,b,d)
WK-13 Fantasy Project .263-274 Project 5 Makeup Plot Due Character Analysis/
WK-14 Likeness Project 249-262 Project 6 Makeup Plot Due Photo/Drawing of Person (a,b,c,d)
WK-15 Final Project 19-26 Project 7 Makeup Plot Due Character Analysis/


E.M.Lewis IV, 11/01