All classes are Monday-Friday. Course offerings are currently under development. Information may change mid-May to reflect offerings for this year's Academy. For an idea of courses offered please refer to the following list of courses provided during H.O.P.E. Academy 2017.

  • WGSS 148- Introduction to Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies: Dr. Avery Dame-Griff
  • POLS 330- Race & American Politics: Dr. Fredrick Lee
  • CME 103- Understanding Engineering: Dr. Fariborz Parsi
  • ENGL 220- Multicultural American Literature: Dr. Jahon Vance
  • MATH 115- College Algebra: Dr. PingPing Zhang
  • MATH 120- Pre-Calculus: Dr. Joyati Debnath
  • CMST 191- Intro to Public Speaking: Dr. Jahon Vance 
  • PESS 144- Contemporary Activities: Tai Chi, Kung Fu, & Meditation: Mr. Paul Stern & Ms. Trish Johnson
  • ETHS 168- Intro to Ethnic Studies: Dr. Ellen Cassandra Dame-Griff