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Female Institute Programming

The Ideal Woman Institute © Bryant K. Smith 2008 "If you could design and build the ideal woman, what would she look like?"
That question is the basis for the newest workshop by award winning workshop creator and facilitator Bryant K. Smith. "The Ideal Woman Institute" will help participants examine womanhood in several phases. They will be challenged to critically dialogue about the history and image of women, the personal and professional development of women, and the obstacles, and opportunities that exist for women. This highly interactive and thoroughly engaging workshop will also provide participants with methods for self-reflection and evaluation, and improvement of their understanding of and appreciation for what it means to a woman.

“What does it take to become a woman?”
This developmental workshop presents the seven core values every woman needs. It answers the seven core questions that every woman faces throughout life, and provides the 10 things that a woman must have that compliment their core values. Womanhood 101 also expands the concept of womanhood into the practice of sisterhood. This session is not only for women and about women it is for anyone who works with, loves, or is seeking to understand and help women develop into responsible, dynamic, loving, mature, nurturing whole beings. Womanhood and sisterhood will be displayed, defined, and yes tested throughout the session.

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