KEAP Diversity Resource Center

The KEAP Center (Knowledge, Empowerment, Advocacy and Pluralism) works in partnership with the Equity & Inclusive Excellence Office to create a safe space and an inclusive atmosphere for diverse persons, organizations and groups. This includes people with issues related to:

  • Race, Ethnicity and National Origin
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Religion and Beliefs
  • Ability Levels
  • Economic Status
  • Gender and Sexual Identity

In support of WSU's mission to build a community of learners, the KEAP Center provides a variety of programs, activities, and services that help diverse learners:

  • Develop to their greatest potential
  • Participate in society to their maximum ability
  • Systematically explore the ways we culturally construct:
    • identity (who we are)
    • knowledge (what we mean)
    • power (how we assert influence)
    • community (how we relate and belong to each other)
    • culture (how we make meaning)

KEAP Stole

The Equity & Inclusive Excellence Office and KEAP Diversity Resource Center is offering WSU graduates a stole to be worn during the graduation ceremony to recognize students who have been involved in the Equity & Inclusive Excellence Office and KEAP Diversity Resource Center.

These stoles symbolize hard work and dedication towards the mission of the office.

To be considered as a KEAP Stole recipient, please fill out the application (PDF).