KEAP Diversity Resource Center

The KEAP Center (Knowledge, Empowerment, Advocacy and Pluralism) works in partnership with the Inclusion and Diversity Office to create a safe space and an inclusive atmosphere for diverse persons, organizations and groups. This includes people with issues related to:

  • Race, Ethnicity and National Origin
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Religion and Beliefs
  • Ability Levels
  • Economic Status
  • Gender and Sexual Identity

In support of WSU's mission to build a community of learners, the KEAP Center provides a variety of programs, activities, and services that help diverse learners:

  • Develop to their greatest potential
  • Participate in society to their maximum ability
  • Systematically explore the ways we culturally construct:
    • identity (who we are)
    • knowledge (what we mean)
    • power (how we assert influence)
    • community (how we relate and belong to each other)
    • culture (how we make meaning)

KEAP Stole

The Inclusion and Diversity Office and KEAP Diversity Resource Center is offering Winona State University graduates stole to be worn during the graduation ceremony to recognize students who have been involved in the Inclusion & Diversity Office and KEAP Diversity Resource Center. These stoles symbolize hard work and dedication towards the mission of the office.

To be considered as a KEAP Stole recipient, please fill out the application (PDF).