SILCC Logo photo with groups of people smiling. Students Impacting Lives on Campus and in the Community Mentoring Program

Students Impacting Lives on Campus and in the Community (SILCC) Mentoring Program

The Students Impacting Lives on Campus and in the Community (SILCC) Mentoring program is designed to offer incoming, transfer, and current students immersion opportunities to become more engaged with on-campus and off-campus community life. The goal of SILCC is to provide personal support, academic assistance, social guidance, and positive campus survival skills by developing activities and interactions with peer mentors to address personal needs, thus contributing to their academic success, and enhancing Winona State University's efforts in retaining and graduating underrepresented, undeserved, first-generation, and diverse students.

Each mentor is paired with one to two first year student that is willing to learn and make an impact in the community and campus. Students come from all disciplines and class years.

Mentors guide and support their mentee through their first year of college. Mentors help give real life experiences to their mentees in making good choices in their academics and social life here in Winona. They serve as confidence boosters as well as role models.

Mentors provide practical feedback. They share ideas, communicate knowledge, identify useful resources and help clarify educational and professional goals.

Mentors offer insights on a range of skills — developing time-management strategies, approaching faculty members and supervisors, preparing effective résumés, handling interviews and dressing for success.

Each mentor is required to attend the Mentor Training. Each relationship develops its own pattern, but as a general rule a mentor is asked to spend two to three hours a month with their mentee. Mentors are asked to document monthly meetings and create goals with their mentee. The ongoing relationship is nurtured through individual contact and attendance to SILCC monthly events.
Being a mentor you become a role model to students. One improves on their coaching, communication, and leadership skills that they can take throughout their career and personal lives. A Mentor makes a great impact in which students take with them wherever they go.
Becoming a mentee you will be paired with a mentor that will help and guide you through your first year of college. There will be opportunities to improve on your study skills, career skills, and making an impact within the community.
If you would like to be a SILCC Mentor, please fill out this Mentor Application form (PDF) and email it to Ne'Angela Scott at

If you would like to participate and be a SILCC Mentee, please fill out the Mentee Application form (PDF) and email it to Ne'Angela Scott at