Careers & Internships

Because it is a customized program, Individualized Studies degrees are as unique as the students who design them.

 In today’s job market, employers are interested in the knowledge, skills and competencies that a student has acquired through a degree program and related work and volunteer experience.

Within the Individualized Studies major and minor, a student can build on one's own interests, past experience, intellectual strengths and career goals to design a program which encompasses many of the areas of competence that employers are seeking. These might include critical thinking, problem solving, communication skills, technology skills and the ability to work well with others.

Students in the Individualized Studies major/minor are encouraged to highlight those aspects of their degree program as they interview and seek employment.

Individualized Studies majors and minors should have a career goal in mind before declaring this program. Career and future educational goals will help shape the individualized program you create.

Students are encouraged to work with WSU Career Services throughout their time as an Individualized Studies major or minor.

 WSU Career Services provides a comprehensive range of services to assist current students and graduates in achieving their employment goals and/or entrance into a graduate or professional program.

Individualized Studies majors have the option to complete an internship. The Individualized Studies internship may be taken for anywhere between 1–12 semester credits. A maximum of 1-3 internship credits may be taken for a letter grade (INDS 398). 1-9 semester credits may be taken on a P/NC basis (INDS 399). The Individualized Studies internship is available to be taken by Individualized Studies majors or minors. Students pursing other majors and minors are not eligible to take the Individualized Studies internship.

If you are interested in pursuing the Individualized Studies internship, please talk to your Individualized Studies advisor to obtain more information and to start the process.  For general information on internships or to start the search process, visit the WSU Career Services Internship page.

Individualized Studies Internship Contract and Proposal Form (PDF)

Individualized Studies Internship Program Packet (DOCX)