How to Get Started

Find out what steps you need to take in order to graduate with an Individualized Studies degree.



If you are considering an Individualized Studies major or minor, we encourage you to meet with one of our academic advisors to discuss your interests, to learn about what the program can offer and more. Please feel free to contact our advisors if you have any questions. 


Declaring a Major or Minor

No official application process for the major or minor is required. Students should complete a Declaration/Change of Major/Minor form


Developing a Student Program Plan

This is the most important step. All Individualized Studies majors and minors are required to develop a student program plan. The development of this study plan provides an opportunity to research the occupational outlook for career options and to develop a strategy on how best to design a customized academic degree to achieve your specific educational and career objectives. The Student Program Plan is an assignment in INDS 300 Academic Planning and Career Foundations. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you take INDS 300 as early as possible after you declare an Individualized Studies major or minor. An approved Individualized Studies Student Program Plan is required to be on file for all Individualized Studies majors and minors. You will work with your Individualized Studies advisor on obtaining approval of your Student Program Plan. If you are unable to get into INDS 300 right away, you are welcome to start working on your Student Program Plan prior to taking INDS 300. 


Completing Courses

Based on your Student Program Plan, you will complete the planned courses. You must observe the course schedule guidelines and consult with your advisor each semester before registration. For completion of elective courses, you can find the course information in the WSU Undergraduate Catalog. Course descriptions, curricular and degree requirements, and other academic information are described in the catalog. After finding the courses you are interested in, you can see when, where and how those courses will be offered via Find a Course on WSU website. Also please consider Individualized Studies internship course opportunities: INDS 398 and 399 Internship


Applying for Graduation

When you are registered for the final term, you will be able to apply for graduation using an online application form. All graduation requirements should either be complete or in-progress when you apply for graduation. You must check your DARS for this information. If there is something missing from the DARS record, you should schedule a meeting with your advisor. If you plan to register at a later date due to an internship, practicum or other reasons, there is a comments field on the application where this information can be written. There is also an area on the form to list any transfer courses that may be taken in your last term.