Individualized Studies may be pursued as a Bachelor of Arts degree or as a minor in conjunction with a different major.  All Individualized Studies majors and minors are required to complete the INDS 300 Academic Planning & Career Foundations course. 

It is recommended that students take this course in their first semester as an Individualized Studies major or minor.  INDS 300 is typically offered online every semester. Additionally, all Individualized Studies majors are required to complete INDS 495: Capstone Seminar.

Dual Degrees

Students wishing to complete two degrees concurrently, such as Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science, must complete a minimum of an additional 30 semester hours above the required 120-128 credit hours. Students must complete all major requirements under both degrees, including separate minors if required.

Dual Majors

If a student is completing a dual major with Individualized Studies, no more than 12 credits may be duplicated between the majors.