How to Apply for F-1 Reinstatement

If you have not maintained your F-1 status, you must meet with the ISSS Office to get your visa reinstated.

It is important to quickly reinstate your F-1 status since it is illegal to remain in the U.S. without a valid visa.

To apply for reinstatement of your F-1 status, complete the I-20 Reinstatement Application Form (PDF).

Bring this form and the following items with you to your appointment with ISSS. 

  • Certified Bank Check payable to Department of Homeland Security
  • Copy of I-94 record. Copy of front and back if you have a card or find your most recent I-94 online.
  • Copy of new I-20
  • Completed I-539 form
  • Personal Letter outlining the following:
    • The reason that you are asking for reinstatement
    • How long you have been out of status (if longer than 5 months, discuss with the ISSS prior to writing letter)
    • The violation of status resulted from circumstances beyond your control and that failure to be reinstated would result in extreme hardship to you
    • Statement that you are currently pursuing or intending to pursue a full course of study at Winona State University
  • Copy of transcript
  • Copy of new financial support documents