Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, provided they meet our requirements. In order to be eligible for study away, students:

  • must have a minimum overall GPA of 2.5 (some programs require an even higher standard)
  • cannot be on academic or disciplinary probation or have an open conduct case
  • must have their Warrior Hub account paid in full or receive special clearance as part of the application process 

It depends on which program you choose.

For semester or year-long study away: the program fee depends on which program you choose. Different program fees for different programs cover different expenses. Students will almost always pay more than WSU cost of attendance, but how much more depends on which program is chosen. You could choose a program that would cost you no more than it would cost you to stay on campus, or you could choose one that would cost you $15,000 more, and everything in between. Your financial aid is applied toward the cost of the program.

For Travel Study programs: you pay the direct costs. We figure out what the airfare, room and board, and other course costs will be for the location of the course you choose, divide that by the number of students in the course, and that is what you pay. Costs could range from $2000-$7000 and everything in between, depending on the course. Financial aid is applied toward the cost of the program. 

You can see the approved programs online. But you’ll want to meet with a peer advisor in International Programs to talk more about program costs and which are the most or least expensive. 

Yes! You can apply your aid to your program. Also, your need for financial aid is greater when you study abroad so you may qualify for more student aid. For more information, contact the Financial Aid staff. 

Students apply first for WSU approval, through an online application. For semester study away, once a student is approved by WSU, they can then apply to the program of their choice. 

Many students do take courses while on semester study away which count toward their major, or minor, or graduation requirements. However, many other students choose to take courses because they’re interested in them, courses they wouldn’t be able to get at WSU. 

Study Abroad (Away) is part of the academic program and should fit within your overall plan of progress toward graduation. On semester study away you take a full load of classes while abroad, just like you do on campus. Whether semester study away or Travel Study programs, the classes you take can count toward major, minor, or graduation requirements. Usually you know before you go how many credits you will bring back. 

It depends on which semester or year program you choose. Some programs have options where you could choose a dorm, an apartment, or a host family. Other programs have only one option.

On a Travel Study program, you might be staying in hostels, dorms, apartments, or hotels – maybe even more than one type of accommodation during the course of the program. 

For semester or year study away, we have programs in almost all regions of the world. Search for programs you may be interested in. 

Yes, we work closely with departments to make sure we have semester or year study abroad programs on our list that work well for their majors.  

No, you don’t need to know the language before you go! You can study on a program where you would take a course in the language of that country, and take all the rest of your courses in English. However, if you want to get better at a language, you could choose a program where more of your courses would be in that language.  

If you are going to study away during the semester or academic year you must choose a program on our approved program list. Students may petition to go on a program that isn’t on our approved list, but for it to be approved they must have a strong academic reason for needing that particular program. You may also choose programs offered through other Minnesota State schools. 

Yes! There are semester and year programs on our list that include an internship, others that include service learning, and others that include a field experience. Sometimes a Travel Study off-campus course will also involve service learning.  

When you go depends on when it fits into your plan for progress toward graduation. Students who are sophomores, juniors, or seniors can study away for a semester or year whenever it fits for them. Students of any year can study away on a Travel Study. 

No. You can study away as many times as you can fit into your academic plan.  

It depends on your sport. It can be harder if you play something that crosses both semesters. Some athletes study abroad in the summer. Others decide that studying abroad is better for their long-term plans than playing their sport. Still others decide that their sport matters more to them.  

Meet with a peer advisor ( or meet with the Study Away Coordinator. For more information on advising, visit Selecting a Program. They will help you begin the process. The earlier you start thinking, the more time you have to plan well. 

First, visit Selecting a Program and ask yourself several questions. Once you’ve narrowed down your focus, pay close attention to the curriculum the program offers. Check what kind of housing might be available, and how much the program costs. Pay close attention to application deadlines. Make sure the focus of the program you choose fits your needs and goals.