Weaving Tradition: Peru's History and Culture

Explore Peru's history and culture in May 2018. You will experience three distinct geographical regions: the Pacific Coast, the Andean Mountains, and the Amazon River and Rainforest. You will visit important Incan archeological sites, including Machu Picchu, and take classes in cooking, chocolate making, and textiles (plant-based dyeing, weaving, knitting and/or spinning). You will learn from a shaman about plants and animals in the Amazon Rainforest and how they are important to the indigenous groups of the area.

Peru's history is a fabric woven from threads of intermingling cultures, including indigenous, Spanish and other European, and Asian peoples. As we learn from the people of today's Peru; visit archeological sites; study hand-made artifacts; and tour modern cities whose architecture still retains the footprint of those that came before, we will examine how this fabric continues to evolve, expanding to encompass new perspectives and ways of life while maintaining patterns from the past. Topics to be covered include:textile handicrafts
societies, food, religion, nature, art, and architecture.


Peru: Lima (coast), Cusco (Andes, and Iquitos (Amazon River and Rainforest))


May 5 - 18, 2018 (tentatively)


4 credits in GS 350


Range from $5,799 - $6,199 depending on enrollment min/max
Includes: WSU tuition/fees, transportation in-country, group meals, lodging, admission & event fees for group excursions, and international medical insurance.


Dr. Vanessa Fernandez Greene


All applications and a $500.00 deposit (taken off the full price of the trip) are due to reserve your spot.
The deadline to drop this course is November 30, 2017.
The remainder of the bill is due 3 weeks prior to departure.