Students playing volleyball by the lake

Eligibility and Captain Responsibility

The office of Intramural Sports provides opportunities to compete in co-ed, men’s and women’s team sports leagues during the fall and spring semester.


  • Open to all current WSU students, faculty and staff; must have official WSU ID
  • Individuals may only participate on one team per sport or contest
  • Once a person’s name appears on a roster for a game or contest they are considered an official member of that team; exception: an individual may concurrently compete on a co-ed and men’s or women’s team
  • Each person is responsible for their own eligibility
  • Participants in all sports must be listed on the official roster or entry form housed in the intramural office

Team Captain Responsibilities

  • Ensure roster is comprised of currently eligible WSU students, faculty and staff
  • Promote good sportsmanship by showing respect for opponents, officials, and the facilities
  • Complete and submit roster
  • Provide a forfeit deposit check for $40; cash is not accepted
  • Communicate with your team information about the days and times of your contests
  • Ensure your team is on time for all contests
  • Understand that your team will lose its deposit if it forfeits a contest for any reason