Students in fitness class studio

Group Fitness Classes

If you’re looking for a way to have fun exercising in a dynamic group environment, you have come to the right place. We offer approximately 20 classes per week, including Insanity, Yoga, Zumba and more. So what are you waiting for? Join us at the IWC fitness studio and see what all the talk is about. Don't forget to check us out on Facebook! (WSU Fitness)

Spring Class Schedule (PDF)


Classes are open to all current WSU students. Please bring official WSU ID to class.

Class Descriptions

Abs of Steel: This Abs of Steel class with have metal detectors going off when you walk through them. This class consists of a warm up, three circuits, and a cool down. One circuit is 10 minutes of cardio, and the last two circuits are 30 minutes of ab work (15 min/piece). Class also consists of 50 burpees spread out throughout the hour. This is a very individualized class in the sense that workouts are done on a timer basis as opposed to a rep basis. However many you can get done in the allotted time is how many you do!

Butt N' Gut: Butt N' Gut is a raise-your-heart-rate, get-you-sweating, tone-your-body workout. Just as it sounds, we focus on targeting your butt and core using mainly body weight exercises. Whether you are a beginner trying to get fit or just want a fun group workout, come give it a try!

Cardio Pump:  Ready to get sweaty? Cardio Pump will get you moving to the music with fun, upbeat routines that will burn your legs and build a booty. After 30 minutes of cardio, using a step on-and-off, we will be focusing on toning our abs, glutes and even a little bit of arms. Warning: You may experience a sore sensation, but that's what we want, right?

Insanity: Insanity is max-interval training; it keeps your body working at maximum capacity throughout the entire workout. You work as hard as you can for 3-minute intervals with 30-second rest periods in between. You use your body to create the best body you can get because it's a total body workout with insane moves. The idea is to increase your aerobic fitness level while burning fat. Join in for a 45-minute workout of muscle-searing and sweat-drenched exercise.

Pilates: Pilates is a low-impact, dynamic class that strengthens and stretches several muscle groups. The focus is on small muscles that surround the larger muscles, and it is a great class for beginners and elite athletes alike. The atmosphere of this Pilates class is much like a yoga class: dim lights, calm and quiet. Pilates contains leg series, ab series and arm series. You may find yourself sore in a way you are not used to after this class, but we learn to love the burn.

Power Yoga: Power Yoga is a vinyasa-style flow that incorporates additional opportunities to build strength. Students are allowed to build endurance, balance and flexibility at their own pace. The class is designed to remind students to look inward and find full relaxation. Together we create a nonjudgmental environment to support each other throughout our yoga journey.

Yoga Flow: Yoga Flow aims to help people slow down and refocus in the midst of the chaos college life brings. Various yoga poses are incorporated to challenge students both physically and mentally. This class works to increase strength, flexibility, endurance, balance and breathing. All fitness levels are welcomed and encouraged, so come check it out!

Yoga Sculpt: A total body workout, Yoga Sculpt is set to energizing music and designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group. This class complements your regular yoga practice while boosting your metabolism and pushing your body. The warm-up and cool-down after each set of weight (body or free) will be a calming yoga sequence. While it may seem like an intense and difficult class, we will utilize yoga to stretch out the already-worked muscles and prepare the new ones to work.

Zumba: Zumba is an aerobic fitness program that features movements inspired by Latin-American dance. It is a fun way to get your workout in by dancing the hour away. Come ready to sweat, smile and shake it!