Keep Working

WSU is committed to student success. The threat from COVID-19 has forced our University to adapt our services and delivery models.

Find key strategies and resources to help you while working remotely or returning to campus.


Staff approved for telework must review the MMB Telework Policy and complete a Telework Request - WSU Schedule and Acknowledgement form.

Telework performed outside of Minnesota must be recorded on an Out of State Telework Reporting form as working outside of Minnesota may have payroll and tax implications.

Return to Work on Campus

As you return to campus, there are precautions you must take to help protect our community.

The main goal is to provide students with services and experiences while also mitigating the potential for transmission of COVID-19 on our campus.

Only with your help can we maintain the safety and health of our campus.

Keep Teaching

Faculty members can find many resources to help them keep teaching.