Past C.L.A.S.P. Speakers

Fall 2017

"Prince as a 19th Century French Dandy: Recontextualizing Critical Literary Topics with Minnesota's Purple Yoda"
Sept. 13 – Karen Turman - 5pm in Stark 103

"I Am Not Your Negro" Screening and Panel Discussion
Sept. 27 – Paul Johnson, WSU Film Studies and the Frozen River Film Festival - 7pm in SLC 120

"Perceptions of Disability and Inclusion - Past, Present and Future"
Oct. 11 – Amy Olson - 5pm in Stark 103

"Can You Teach People to Be Creative?" Lessons from the Creative Writing Classroom
Oct. 25 – Jim Armstrong - 5pm in Stark 103

"Creativity Myths: Debunking the Myths that Surround Creativity"
Nov. 1 – Tanya Ryan - 5pm in Stark 103

"Creative Uses of Non-Big Data"
Nov. 15 – Craig Upright - 5pm in Stark 103

Fall 2016

"Emerging Emergence: The Role of Digital Life in Coming to Autism as an Older Adult"
Sep. 14 – Kate Jenkins

"Hacking the human condition: Using biotechnology to predict and design personalized treatments for human diseases"
Sep. 21 – Francis M. Mann

"Video games, self-identity, and social capital: A gamer’s perspective"
Oct. 5 – Ken Graetz, Dennis Santiago, Charlie Utzman & Amir Hossain

"Hocus Focus-Believability of Photography in the Era of Photoshop"
Oct. 19 – David Burman

"War in the Digital Age: Drones, Cyberwar, and Social Media in Modern Armed Conflict"
Nov. 2 – David Speetzen

"Cyberbullies, Trolls, and Stalkers: Student Perceptions of Ethical Issues in Social Media Use"
Nov. 16 – Tammy Swenson Lepper & April Kerby 

Fall 2015

Dealing with Rapid Change: Ethnicity, Race and Inequality in Norway
Sept. 16: Presented by Jenna Chernega

Assets vs. Deficits
Sept. 30: Presented by Robert Howman

Beyond the Model Minority
Oct. 7: Presented by Dia Yang

Resilience: Five Generations in the Workplace
Oct. 21: Presented by Kathryn Lammers & Jennifer Timm

Screening American Sniper on the 21st-Century College Campus
Oct. 28: Presented by Paul Johnson

Redefine Possible - Become a Force for Positive Change in the World
Nov. 4: Presented by Spencer West (East Hall, Kryzsko Commons)

(Cancelled) Ecological Equity: Building Inclusive Ecosystems
Nov. 18: Presented by Tex Hawkins & James Reidy

Spring 2016

Building an Inclusive Community – Step One: Access
Jan. 27: Presented by Jeanne Danneker, et al.

How Teaching at a Tribal College Changed My Life—Or at Least My Teaching
Feb. 10: Presented by Colette Hyman

Valuing Whose Voices? Medical Decision Making for Youth in Foster Care
Feb. 24: Presented by Zach Strassburger, Esq.

Why the Past Matters: Racist Ideologies in 18th-Century Discourses of Knowledge
March 16: Presented by Elizabeth Zold

Cooperative Enterprises: Promoting the Common Good
March 30: Presented by Craig Upright

Bruno Latour and the Parliament of Things: The Modern Crisis of Representation
April 13: Presented by Jim Armstrong

Spring 2015

January 21: Fat Blame: Questioning the Weapons of the War on Obesity

April Herndon, PhD
Did you miss the presentation? Watch "Fat Blame" now.

January 28: Toward a Sustainable Peace: Contingent Pacifism and Justice After War

David Speetzen, PhD

February 11: Got Water?

Jen Zemke, PhD, Candace Kairies-Beatty, PhD & Jeanne Franz, PhD

February 18: Resilience: A Lifelong Skill for Bouncing Back and Moving Forward

Mick Lynch, PsyD, LP & Eunie Alsaker, MSSW, LICSW
Did you miss the presentation? Watch "Resilience" now.

March 4: Ethical Veganism and the Commodification of Animals

Patrick Clipsham, PhD
Did you miss the presentation? Watch "Ethical Veganism" now.

March 18: Whose Water Is It?  Preventing the Tragedy of the Commons 

Steve Leonhardi, PhD

March 25: Natural Gas:  The Bridge From Dirty Energy to a Low Carbon, Renewable Energy System

Don Salyards, PhD
Did you miss the presentation? Watch "Natural Gas" now.

April 1: Harnessing the Power of the Ebola Virus: Developing Enhanced Vaccines

Osvaldo Martinez, PhD
Did you miss the presentation? Watch "Harnessing the Power of the Ebola Virus" now.

April 8: Violence Against Women and Children: A Challenge for Sustainable Development

Shirl Chouinard
Did you miss the presentation? Watch "Violence Against Women and Children" now.