Laird Norton Center for Art and Design

The Laird Norton Center for Art and Design will build bridges between education, industry and community development. The Center’s I-Design program will broaden the scope of design study at Winona State University by practicing interdisciplinary learning, collaborative problem-solving, and integrative thinking about art and technology. Two galleries complement these principles.

The Contemporary Art Gallery will be a catalyst for students, artists, and community members to engage with diverse art practices and innovative design concepts. The Foundation Art Gallery will celebrate the University’s rich culture, history, and global connections through objects and images from the permanent collection.

A business incubator space will allow start-up companies to launch projects, prototype and share resources. Located between downtown Winona and the University campus, the Center for Art and Design will develop an energetic, dynamic culture that connects the University with the community along Winona’s downtown arts corridor.

As part of a $5 million donation given to Winona State, Laird Norton received some of the funds.

To learn more about Laird Norton, please watch this video.