A central goal of the Laird Norton Center for Art and Design is to create a new energy in Winona through collaboration between myriad academic departments and the community.

Community Access

In addition to opening new gallery spaces to the community to visit, the Laird Norton Center for Art and Design will seek to establish a subscription system for community members to gain access to cutting edge equipment. After subscribing and taking a training course, community members will be able to use the state-of-the-art Fabrication Lab and Maker’s Space to realize personal and collaborative projects.

Business Incubator Space

Additionally, a business incubator space will accept applications for start-up ventures and prototyping projects. This will be an invaluable space for creating a new economy in Winona.

Lecture Hall

The Laird Norton Center will also house a 50-60 person lecture hall. Its particular size, proximity to the galleries and to downtown will make it unlike any other lecture hall on campus or in Winona.