College of Liberal Arts - Scholarships by Department

Not all scholarships are awarded yearly; consult the appropriate department for guidelines.

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Apply through WSU Foundation website.

  • Ruth Severud Fish Scholarship
  • E.L. King Scholarship
  • Leone J. & Thomas E. Mauszycki Art Scholarship
  • Floretta M. Murray Scholarship
  • Judy Schlawin Art Scholarship
  • Max Weber Scholarship
  • Maynard & Dorothy Weber Scholarship
  • Winona National Bank Scholarship

Communication Studies

Apply through WSU Foundation website; more information available on the Communication Studies Scholarship website.

  • Frederick & Dina Derocher Communication Studies Mentorship Scholarship
  • Gary Evans Scholarship


Apply through WSU Foundation website; more information available on the English Scholarships website.

  • Sylvia Bremer Memorial Scholarship
  • Cornwell Family Scholarship
  • Marion J. Dereen Scholarship
  • Thomas Leuchtenberg Scholarship (alternates yearly with THAD major award)
  • Augusta Nelson Memorial Scholarship
  • James W. Nichols & Ann Eljenholm Nichols Scholarship
  • Darlene Radsek Scholarship
  • Leslie & Gladys Sanford (King) Scholarship


Apply through WSU Foundation website; more information available on the History Scholarships website.

  • Dean Emanuel Scholarship in History & Legal Studies
  • Isaac Bera Memorial Scholarship
  • Frederick A. and Marie Jederman Scholarship
  • Marvin & Muriel Palecek Scholarship
  • Norman & Clare Sobiesk History Scholarship

Legal Studies

Apply through WSU Foundation website; more information available on the Legal Studies Scholarships website.

  • Henry Memorial Scholarship
  • Paralegal Alumni Scholarship
  • Peterson Scholarship

Mass Communication

Apply through WSU Foundation website.

  • Adolph Bremer Scholarship
  • Courtney Colton Family Mass Communication Scholarship
  • Todd Copeman Memorial Scholarship
  • Paul Corrigan Scholarship
  • John & Jacquelyn Gosse Scholarship 
  • Thomas E. Grier Scholarship
  • Journalism Faculty Award
  • Brian Krans Scholarship
  • Dean Allyn Lanz Award
  • Jane Vivian Madsen Scholarship
  • Mass Communication Scholarship Endowment
  • The Slug Award
  • Elaine Vivian Scholarship
  • Harold Vivian Scholarship
  • John Vivian Scholarship for parents
  • John N. Weis Scholarship
  • Winona Daily News Scholarship
  • Don Cramer Scholarship


Apply directly through the Music Department; more information available on the Music Scholarships website.

  • Carlis M. Anderson Scholarship
  • Agnes Bard Scholarship
  • Barbara & Bob DuFresne Music Education Scholarship
  • Emil Guenther Scholarship
  • Hal Leonard Corporation Scholarship in honor of Edstroms, Busdickers & families
  • Fred & Mary Heyer Scholarship
  • Bob Hungerford Music Scholarship
  • Sharon & Howard Kaste Music Scholarship
  • Gertrude Kohner Scholarship
  • Bill & Brother William Koutsky Music Scholarship
  • Richmond McCluer Violin Scholarship
  • Music Department Scholarship
  • Music Honor Band Scholarship
  • Jim & Clara Ramsdell Scholarship
  • Joshua Carl Rumpca, Memorial Scholarship
  • Helen (Wadewitz) Sonneman Memorial Scholarship
  • Don & Gladys Stedman Scholarship
  • Erich Stumpf Memorial Community Service Scholarship in Music/Art
  • Rita Zbylicki Sullivan Music Scholarship
  • David R. & Vivian A. Sunleaf Scholarship
  • US Bank Scholarship
  • Winona National Bank Fine Arts Scholarship
  • Linda A. Wood Scholarship

Political Science/Public Administration

Apply through WSU Foundation website; more information available on the Political Science Scholarship website.

  • Terry Lierman Scholarship
  • John J. & Jeanine S. McShea Political Science Scholarship


Apply directly through the Psychology Department; more information available on the Psychology Scholarship website.

  • Ardis Serafin Psychology/Biology Scholarship (award alternates yearly between these two departments)
  • Kerry Williams Memorial Scholarship

Sociology/Criminal Justice

Apply through WSU Foundation website.

  • Anna & John Bowers Scholarship (Criminal Justice/Corrections)
  • Ervin G. & John D. Bublitz Scholarship for Sociology/Criminal Justice
  • Lorraine N. Cieminski Scholarship
  • Connell-Christensen Sociology & Psychology Scholarship
  • Ted Foss Scholarship (Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement)
  • Friends of Ted Foss Memorial Scholarship (Criminal Justice)
  • George A. Hajicek Scholarship
  • John & Lorraine Lombardi Scholarship
  • James W. & Mildred K. McCabe Scholarship (Criminal Justice)
  • Jennifer Nesler/ACJA Scholarship (Criminal Justice)
  • James & Celine Norman Memorial Scholarship (Criminal Justice)
  • Hosea Perry Scholarship
  • James R. & Nancy M. Reynolds Scholarship (Sociology or Criminal Justice)
  • Sociology Endowed Scholarship
  • Windsor Financial Group Scholarship

Theatre and Dance

Apply directly through the Theatre and Dance Department; more information is available on the THAD website.

  • Bill and Brother William Koutsky Theatre & Dance Scholarship (one for THAD majors or minors; one for dance minors)
  • Thomas Leuchtenberg Theatre & Dance Scholarship (alternates yearly with English major award)
  • Henry A. Marsh Scholarship
  • Jacque Reidelberger Scholarship
  • Winona National Bank Fine Arts Scholarship