The Athenaeum

Krueger Library's weekly podcast, the Athenaeum, features the research, discovery and creative output of our faculty, students, staff and neighbors in Southeast Minnesota.

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Before it became a podcast in 2016, the Athenaeum was a successful speaker series.

Participants at the 2013-2014 Athenaeum discussed the topics of  the Navajo Oral History project, the English Language Center's contributions to diversity and scholarship at WSU, civil rights in the early 21st century and the land ethics of restorative teaching and learning.

View the 2013-2014 Athenaeum Program (PDF).

The Athenaeum held in 2012-2013 included the topics of frac sand resources in southeastern Minnesota, an investigation of religiosity's effect on corrupt business behavior, an introduction to tai chi and chi gong as well as the benefits and opportunities of on-campus living for students.

View the 2012-2013 Athenaeum Program (PDF).

The Athenaeum held in 2011-2012 included presentations on the motivations of "green" marketing, American maritime disasters, and evaluating the WSU Digital Life and Learning program. There were also discussions on the cultural implications of globalization, the return of American teachers and housework as gender performance in same-sex couples.  

View the 2011-2012 Athenaeum Program (PDF).

The Fall 2010 Athenaeum examined the stories of siblings and autism, new technologies changing the management of natural resources and civic media. The Spring 2011 Athenaeum included discussions of the developing partnership between WSU and Frozen River Film Festival, preparing students and voters for the 2012 election, and how genre informs contemporary literature.  

View the 2010-2011 Athenaeum Program (PDF).

Participants at the 2009-2010 Athenaeum discussed the future of media, journalism and education, Hmong adjustment in America, WSU's efforts to address climate change and state legislative responses to unconstitutionality.

View the 2009-2010 Athenaeum Program (PDF). 

The 2008-2009 Athenaeum explored issues of intellectual honesty, understanding Muslim and Islamic culture,  post-9/11 cinema, Phillis Wheatley's literary contributions as the first African American poet.

View the 2008-2009 Athenaeum Program (PDF). 

The Athenaeum held in 2007-2008 included an art show of studio art class, panel discussion on the consequences of social networking sites, presentations on WSU's sesquicentennial history and a lecture on classical music and the world of rock and roll.

View the 2007-2008 Athenaeum Program (PDF).

The Fall 2006 Athenaeum brought discussion of evolving role of academic libraries in the digital age, how geology and maps change the world, the balance between fighting terrorism and protecting constitutional freedoms. The Spring 2007 Athenaeum line up included a presentation on the history of Winona State, discussion on using "wikis" in physics course, a lecture on pre-Raphaelite art and a student poetry reading.

View the 2006-2007 Athenaeum Program (PDF). 

Participants at the 2005-2006 Athenaeum examined recent Minnesota politics; the history and culture of Kaliningrad, Russia; the experiences gained in the Peace Corp and wildlife refuges of the Upper Mississippi River. There was also a musical performance by the WSU Faculty Jazz Ensemble and literature readings by various WSU faculty.

View the 2005-2006 Athenaeum Program (PDF). 

The Athenaeum held in Spring 2005 included musical performances by cellist Paul Vance and composer Jim Hoch as well as presentations and discussions on topics such as identity in the Dakota tribe, the unlawful arrest of Oklahoma booksellers in 1940, the geology of the Mississippi River and perspectives on gay marriage.  

View the Spring 2005 Athenaeum Program (PDF).