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WSU’s marketing faculty is always available to guide you through your course of study and help you build new leadership and team skills. We will help you create strong connections between classes and the business world through field experiences, case studies, research opportunities and internships.

Student Clubs

You will also have an opportunity to pursue your academic and career interests through participation in a variety of student clubs and organizations.

College of Business Admission

As a marketing student at Winona State, you’ll be exposed to a professional education leading to positions in business, government, and other organizations. You will also be prepared for advanced study of marketing and business at the graduate level.  Marketing majors and minors are required to apply for admission.

Marketing Program

Learn more about marketing major requirements in the course catalog. There is also information for those interested in a marketing minor or a professional selling minor.

Student Resource Center

The Student Resource Center is an office where students, staff, faculty, parents or visitors can ask questions and find out a variety of valuable information. The Student Resource Center is entirely staffed by student experts who attend the university. The friendly staff has an excellent understanding of the university and the surrounding community.


Most students with a degree in marketing will end up going in one of four career directions:

Sales: By far the most frequent career venue for marketing students is sales.  This career path is a good match for students who are “good with people.”  Although entry level jobs in this field are often challenging because of long hours and commission-based salaries, the long-term rewards are great, with sales people averaging far higher salaries than most other business fields.

Management:  Most organizational executives have degrees in Marketing, often beginning in sales or the marketing department, and being promoted later in more general administrative or managerial positions.  Students who want to pursue a managerial career will work toward entry level jobs in product or brand management.

Analytical/Quantitative: Some students who develop their quantitative skills will find promising career opportunities in market research or doing market analysis for larger organizations. These students don’t need additional degrees in math or statistics but benefit from taking a few extra quantitative classes.

Creative/Promotions: Students who have creative and/or communication abilities will find a home doing promotional or advertising work.  Many of the students in marketing will double major or minor in advertising and/or graphic arts.

All marketing professionals need to be comfortable in reading research reports, income statements or a market analysis sheet.  This requires a very basic understanding of statistics and math competencies that will take students through an introductory course in calculus.  Additional coursework in math or stats would only be necessary for those students wanting to pursue a career in research or as a full time market analyst.