Degree Options in Mathematics

B.S. in Mathematics (MATH) (65-66 S.H.) 

B.A. in Mathematics (MTHM) (44 S.H.)

Minor in Mathematics (MATH) (21-22 S.H.)

B.S. in Mathematics (65 - 66 S.H.)

The BS Mathematics Program provides students with an extended program in the techniques, applications, and theories of mathematics. Consequently, all BS mathematics majors must complete a significant amount of course work beyond the Departmental Core. These additional courses are designed to expose the student to a diverse range of mathematical topics, provide in-depth rigorous study in a focused area, and supply the experience of an independent project.

See the WSU Catalog for more details: B.S. in Mathematics (MATH)

B.A. in Mathematics (44 S.H.)

(requires a minor in another field)

The B.A. major is designed for students who want to combine complementary interests and skills, learning to apply mathematics to another field or area. Majors in Mathematics Education or Statistics need only a few additional courses to obtain the B.A. in Mathematics as a second major. 

Other fields that pair especially well with the B.A. in Mathematics include:

  • Statistics
  • Data Science
  • Computer Science
  • Physics
  • Engineering
  • Biology
  • Economics
  • Finance

See the WSU Catalog for more details: B.A. in Mathematics (MTHM)

Minor in Mathematics (21 - 22 S.H.)

The Minor in Mathematics (22-23 S.H.) is highly attractive to potential employers or graduate schools in other disciplines, and recognizes students majoring in other fields who have demonstrated significant mathematical skills and knowledge. Majors in Engineering need only one or two additional courses to obtain the Minor in Mathematics.

See the WSU Catalog for more details: Minor in Mathematics (MATH)

Even if you do not want to minor in Mathematics, please consider taking one more mathematics course beyond your major requirements. Any mathematics professor and/or your advisor can help clarify which mathematics courses would be most relevant to your major and interests.