Why Mathematics?

Mathematics is an age-old field whose relevance continues to grow in today’s modern world. Whether it’s predicting weather, making sound business choices, modeling disease, or securing digital information, mathematics is at the heart of all analysis. Mathematics majors gain the tools to find meaning in complex situations, learn about a wide variety of structures and relationships, and develop mathematical thinking skills required for solving problems in any field.

Because of their knowledge and flexibility, mathematics majors are sought after by employers. puts Mathematician at third in their list of Best Jobs of 2015: “Mathematicians have their choice of career opportunities open to them. A professional mathematician can work in technology, business or academia. That versatility lends itself to a job seeker's market, and the result is a high average annual salary.”

Why Math at Winona State?

In the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Winona State University, mathematics majors will benefit from a wide variety of features, including:

  • Extra-Curricular Activities: Our majors enjoy mathematics inside and outside the classroom. With an active student club, trips to conferences and graduate schools, regional and national competitions, and more there are always opportunities to grow and explore mathematics within a community of learners.
  • Dedicated Teachers: Unlike some larger institutions, all classes are taught by experienced faculty instead of graduate students. Our faculty’s primary goal is your success.
  • Small Class Size: The average size of a mathematics class in our department is only 35 students. This means you get the teacher-student interaction you need to ensure success.
  • Flexible Degree Options: Looking to combine Mathematics with another field? The Mathematics major is a flexible program that pairs well with just about any major or minor in the College of Science and Engineering. Looking to prepare for graduate school? Then choose the supplementary mathematics option of the Mathematics major designed to give you a diverse, comprehensive mathematical background and prepare you for the next level.