MnSCU students present their research at the St. Paul capitol building.


Welcome to the fourth annual Minnesota State Undergraduate Scholars Conference. It is a great honor for Winona State University to host this conference. It is our hope that the presence of this event on the campus of WSU will aid in the continued growth and success of undergraduate research throughout Minnesota State.

Winona State University holds, as part of our mission, to be "a community of learners improving our world." This is reflected in our commitment to undergraduate research across the entire campus. This community begins with the collaboration of an undergraduate student and faculty mentors as they work to address issues relevant to their discipline. The community grows through students sharing their work with other students, faculty, and citizens of the Winona area at our annual Ramaley Research Celebration and Creative Scholarship, which is now in its 9th year. This year, we have the good fortune to expand this community to other students and faculty within the Minnesota State system! Our hosting the conference will further instill the significance of undergraduate research across our campus and beyond through the exchange of ideas, methods, and views of the many fields of study found across our campuses.

We are proud to host the Minnesota State Undergraduate Scholars Conference and committed to doing our part in making this conference a showcase that demonstrates the value of research to our educational programs.


Scott R. Olson
Winona State University