Member Benefits/Resources

Kappa Mu Chapter and Sigma Theta Tau International honor society membership can be designed to meet your specific needs at every stage of your career. Use the links below to discover how you can experience membership.  

Get Connected - Connect with other members in-person at the local level or electronically via online forums.  

Get Involved - Involve yourself in the honor society by participating in Kappa Mu, volunteering, and attending or presenting at events locally, nationally, and internationally.

Get Career/Education Assistance - Assist your career by utilizing online professional guidance resources, earning Continuing Education credits, or partnering with a mentor via Sigma Theta Tau International.

Get Services/Products - Services, products, and partnerships have been developed to support you and your career, particularly those from Sigma Theta Tau International.  Valuable publications include Reflections of Nursing Leadership, Journal of Nursing Scholarship, and Worldviews of Evidence-Based Practice.

 Get Recognized - Recognize those that have made contributions to the nursing profession and receive recognition for your own successes.  Look at the awards available within Kappa Mu Chapter.

Stay Connected - Always a Nurse - Stay connected as you transition into retirement by reading about nursing and honor society news, getting to know fellow members, and participating in travel opportunities.