Multiple cars shown in a parking lot


Winona State University Parking Services provides services to students, staff, faculty and guests of the university. Parking information must be obtained from Parking Services. Incorrect information provided by another source is not considered a valid defense of a parking violation.

Parking on the entire Winona State University campus is regulated throughout the entire calendar year, and any parking must comply with the guidelines established by Winona State University. All legitimate parking must be authorized by Parking Services by permit, meter, posted time limit, or phone authorization. A printer friendly PDF copy of university parking regulations is available.

All outstanding citations and fees must be paid prior to processing a new permit application.

Display of a permit is required. Any vehicle parked on campus during hours of regulation must display a permit before it is parked. A permit must be displayed hanging face out from the vehicle’s rear view mirror. Use of hazard/two-way flashers are not an acceptable means of parking in areas requiring permits.

Lost permits: Any person who has lost and/or had their permit stolen should report it immediately to Winona State University Parking Services.

Stolen permits: Anyone found in possession and/or using a stolen parking permit will be referred to the University Conduct Officer for discipline and/or the Winona Police Department for criminal charges.

Refund of the prorated purchase cost is available at any time during the year with a valid reason, i.e. moving off campus, leaving school, no longer have a vehicle, etc.

Altered: Any permit that is found to be altered and/or forged shall make the permit void. Those persons who intentionally alter and/or forge a parking permit may face possible disciplinary and/or criminal action.

Vehicles may be towed from the Winona State University Campus for reasons including but not limited to the following: 

  • The vehicle’s driver has three or more unpaid parking citations.
  • The vehicle displays a permit that has been reported stolen.
  • The vehicle displays a forged/counterfeit permit.
  • When a vehicle is parked in an area (drive lane, curb, crosswalk, curb cut, etc.) where the vehicle’s continued presence would present a potential hazard to pedestrians and/or other motorists.
  • When a vehicle is parked in an area that would obstruct emergency vehicle access to university buildings and grounds.
  • When a vehicle is parked in an area that hinders/obstructs the necessary operations of university service vehicles and other service providers (e.g. loading docks, blocking trash pick-up areas).
  • When a vehicle is parked on university grounds/sidewalks.
  • When a vehicle has parked, or continues to park in a parking lot that has been closed for maintenance.
  • A vehicle with a license plate that doesn’t match the vehicle registration (stolen or illegally transferred plates).
  • A vehicle that does not display license plates and without a visible vehicle identification number.
  • A vehicle that, to the best of this department’s knowledge and belief, has been abandoned.
  • When a lot needs to be vacated due to an event.
  • When a vehicle is parked in violation of University regulations.

Parking in a metered space requires purchasing time on the meter. Parking is not permitted at a malfunctioning meter unless you call Parking Services immediately with the meter number, problem, and your license number.

Permits are not valid in metered locations, with the exception of handicap permits. Otherwise, money must be deposited to use a metered spot. Each meter has 2 hour maximum and each quarter provides 30 minutes. Re-feeding the meter is allowed.  

If a vehicle breaks down, or a personal situation prevents you from moving your vehicle, contact Parking Services. To obtain short term exceptions to parking prohibitions, individuals must immediately notify Parking Services. A vehicle cannot be authorized to remain illegally parked in disabled spaces, blocking traffic lanes, fire lanes, on city streets or where it presents a safety hazard. Authorization to allow a vehicle parked in a no parking area as described above must be received from Parking Services.

Winona State University has a number of handicap spaces to accommodate those individuals who possess a valid Handicap Parking Permit. WSU Parking requires a valid permit and other authorization that may ensure that individuals applying for are qualified to obtain these permits. Persons with questions or concerns regarding handicap parking should contact the Winona State University Parking Office.

Enforcement of handicap spaces on campus is enforced by Winona State University Parking Services. The Winona Police Department also has jurisdiction to issue citations for those individuals who park illegally in handicap spaces. If you receive a citation from the Winona Police Department you must contact their agency and/or appear in court on the date designated on the ticket.

Parking is free in the following parking lots during the summer months: 

Main Campus--Purple and Silver Parking Lots
West Campus--Green and Tan Parking Lots 
East Lake--Maroon Parking Lots

Permits and/or fees are required for all Gold, Admission, and Motor Pool Parking Lots. Money needs to be deposited in metered parking spaces during the summer months.

Responsibility of finding a legal parking space rests with the vehicle operator.

Parking is prohibited at all times on university grounds, walkways, and any area not specifically designed as a parking area. Parking is also prohibited where it creates a safety hazard, interferes with use of university facilities, interferes with pedestrian or vehicular traffic, or where it violates any other provision of WSU Parking Regulations, Winona City Code or Minnesota State Law.

Motorcycles/Mopeds must display a parking permit and only park in those areas that are designated for motorcycle/moped parking.

Loading/unloading requires display of a permit issued by Parking Services. Unloading is also convenient in a metered space (with payment). Temporary permits may be obtained from WSU Parking Services. Use of hazard/two-way flashers are not allowed for loading/unloading.

Multiple citations will be issued to vehicles that are parked in violation of Winona State University Parking Regulations.

The original citation/citation number is required in order to pay a fine. If you don’t have the documentation, please check with Parking Services to ensure that your payment is credited to the correct citation.

Late fees will be assessed against any citation not paid by the citation’s due date. A citation must be paid in full and on time to prevent the assessment of additional late fees.

Failure to pay outstanding citations may result in withholding of university records or registration.

Vehicles parked in violation of university regulations may be towed and impounded.

Visitor parking during the day should be at a paid meter. Visitor parking in permit lots is very limited and requires prior authorization via a permit. Guests or their University sponsor must obtain a permit prior to parking. If prior arrangements have not been made and a visitor arrives after Parking Services business hours the guest must park in a legal space off campus and contact Parking Services the next business day.

Those persons visiting campus through the Admissions Office may obtain temporary permits from that office. The Admissions Office has parking spaces for “Admission’s Only” in front of Somsen Hall on Sanborn Street. This parking is available for anyone visiting who is interested in attending Winona State University.

No Permit Properly Displayed $15.00
Wrong Permit for Lot $15.00
Expired Meter $15.00
Expired Permit $15.00
Blocking Driveway/Access $15.00
Failure to Vacate Lot $15.00
Hall Director Space $20.00
Loading Zone $15.00
Manner of Parking $15.00
No Parking 2 - 6am  $15.00
No Parking Zone $15.00
Outside Stall Lines $15.00
Parked W/in Crosswalk $15.00
Parked in Fire Lane $15.00
Prohibited Parking $15.00
Reserved Parking $15.00
Towed $75.00
Use of Altered/Fake Permit $75.00
Use of Lost/Stolen Permit $75.00
W/in 10 ft of Fire Hydrant $20.00
Yellow Curb Parking $15.00
Handicap Parking $100.00