WSU Regulation Number 3-11

Distribution of Professional Improvement Funds (IFO)


The purpose of this administrative procedure is to establish the method by which members of the collective bargaining unit currently represented by the IFO may apply for Professional Improvement Funds. Authoritative reference is Article 19, Section A, of the Agreement between the Board of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities and the IFO.

WSU will fund faculty proposals for professional development such as completion of terminal degree programs, scholarship/research/creative activity, scholarly presentations at professional meetings, professional travel, attendance at professional development workshops/classes, or activities directly related to the five criteria in Article 22 and an individual's Professional Development Plan (PDP). Professional improvement funds will be distributed based on the merits of the proposals.


  • Total funds allocated will be disbursed.
  • A maximum of $2,000 may be awarded to an individual in any one fiscal year. Although the intent is to spend these funds in the same fiscal year that the grant was approved, recipients may carry granted funds over to a second fiscal year. However, at the end of the second fiscal year, all grant funds remaining will be returned to the PIF pool.


Eligibility requirements are outlined in Article 19, Section A, Subdivision 2 of the IFO Agreement.


  • Applications must be submitted to the appropriate college dean on WSU Form SL 30029 (copy attached) by the appropriate deadline approved at Meet and Confer. Typically, there are two rounds of funding; the first round usually occurs in March and the second in November.
  • The dean will forward each application along with a written recommendation to the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA). A copy of the recommendation will also be sent each applicant. The dean’s recommendation will be based on the criteria listed in "PURPOSE" of this regulation under number one above.
  • The VPAA will forward all applications, including the deans’ recommendations, to the President with their recommendations for funding.
  • The President will approve/disapprove all PIF applications based on recommendations of the deans and VPAA. All applicants will be notified as to their final approval/disapproval status by the President. The President’s Office will also arrange for disbursement of funds.

Application Deadlines

Yearly application deadlines will be listed in the Academic Deadline Calendar published by the Office of Academic Affairs.

Action by Fund Recipients

PIF recipients must submit a final summary report, Form SL 30031 (copy attached) that includes accomplishments and accounting of funds expended. The report can be submitted any time following the completion of the project but must be received by the end of September of the fiscal year following the year of funding.

This WSU Regulation supersedes WSU Regulation 3-11 dated August 13, 1990.


Darrell W. Krueger


Application (PDF) and Report Forms (PDF)

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