Political Science Program Highlights

All programs are hands-
on, with a variety of out-



Graduates deepen
understanding of their
field with projects such
as training election
judges, meeting with
lawmakers, and
developing writing

Students in all
programs develop
competence with
appropriate technology
             » Graduates are
proficient with
computers, cameras,
equipment, and
software tools specific
to their fields and for
general professional use.

Students complete
internships with
leading companies
             » Graduates gain real-
world experience in
their field of study,
while making valuable
connections in
companies that are
potential employers.

Students can choose
additional enrichment
such as student
             » Students begin to
network with other
students and

Leading-edge facilities
and equipment are
available to all students
             » Graduates gain
experience that gives
them a competitive
advantage in
employment and
graduate school.

Students can choose
additional enrichment
such as student and
professional organizations
             » Professionally affiliated
groups continue
student learning and

The College of Liberal
Arts is committed to
small upper level
class sizes
       » Smaller student/faculty
ratios maximize
interaction and deepen

Students can choose to
attend events featuring
visiting experts and
networking opportunities
       » Students learn and
connect outside the
classroom in a variety of
settings, such as guest
lectures, workshops,
conventions, job fairs,
and social events.

Students are
encouraged to
participate in College of
Liberal Arts-sanctioned
travel study

Trips to international
destinations help
students forge
relationships, broaden
understanding, and
develop a global

Professors teach in
classroom and lab
       » Students learn from
faculty who are
competent teachers
active in their
profession, not from
teaching assistants.