Current Students

Your training in the WSU PSM program will give you both important scientific and technical skills, as well as important training in management.  We have provided important forms and procedures to help you navigate through the program. The program consists of 36 credits based in 3 course cores with the following courses:

Professional Skills Core

PSM 604: Project Management (offered Fall in odd years)
PSM 612: Management Accounting Principles (offered Spring in odd years)
STAT 600: Statistics for Scientists (offered Spring in even years)
LDRS 615: Communications (offered Spring, Fall of 2016 and Summer 2017)
PSM 602: Ethics and Leadership (offered Fall in even years)

Scientific Core

All students in the program will take PSM 606: Research Methodology in the first Fall term they are enrolled.  This course will be offered each year.  The following departments will offer graduate level scientific courses:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Composite and Materials Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Geoscience
  • Health and Exercise Rehabilitation Science

Please see the department offerings for schedules of when they offer their graduate level courses

Capstone Requirement

As part of fulfilling all of your training requirements, all students must fulfill the capstone project requirement. This project can either be performed as research under the direction of a WSU faculty member or as an internship with a mentor in industry. Students must have six capstone credits to graduate, and must form a graduate committee consisting of three members. Please explore further description of procedures and forms related to the capstone.