Featured Research Projects in the PSM

PSM students will receive hands-on training using important goals for their future career by developing and then executing a STEM or STEM-related project in their field of choice.  Projects will fulfill the Capstone requirement.  Below are some highlighted projects that can be undertaken by our PSM students.

Restoration and Monitoring of Winona’s 40-acre Blufflands Natural Area

Between now and June 2019, the 40 acres of dry bluff prairie, bur oak savannah, and bordering oak-basswood forest within Garvin Heights Natural Area will be restored.  Invasive plants will be removed via goat grazing and MN Conservation Corps cutting and burning, and replanting with native species will be conducted as needed. A graduate student is needed to work on the project for two years beginning after July 1, 2016 (stipend available).  The graduate student would be involved in plant and animal inventories, monitoring to assess ecological recovery, and other project activities.  Students should have a strong background in ecology and an interest in ecological restoration.  Contact Dr. Neal Mundahl (NMundahl@winona.edu; 507-457-5695).


Blufflands Restoration