Public Health

There are few other degree programs that give you a foundation for so many important and interesting jobs than a degree in Public Health from Winona State.

A Bachelor's degree in Public Health will give you a thorough grounding in the science and art of maintaining and promoting the health of communities and populations. The degree, with three options - Community Health Specialist, Epidemiology or Healthcare Administration - prepares you for a broad range of careers including health promotion, community development, epidemiology, and public health research. The program also provides a background in public health for students interested in careers in medicine and dentistry.

Program Features

  • Strong foundation for promoting health in communities
  • Prepares students for a broad range of careers
  • Provides background in public health for medical careers

Students interested in majoring in Public Health must apply to the program, participate in a competitive selection process, and adhere to published retention guidelines.

Career Opportunities

Here are just a few of the career options a degree in Public Health will help prepare for:

  • Community Health Educator - who provides support and guidance so that individuals, organizations, businesses, and communities can make changes to maintain and protect health.
  • Epidemiologist - a scientist who studies how diseases spread and how to prevent them and control epidemics.
  • Environmental Health Specialist - who studies how the environment affects health and helps to identify ways to protect the environment and people's health.
  • Health Administrator - who helps to manage health care institutions like hospitals and clinics.
  • Health Policy Maker - who helps to make health policy that saves lives and helps people to live in healthy environments.

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