Graduation Application-Undergraduate

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Application for Graduation Information - Undergraduate

  • Students are solely responsible for ensuring all academic requirements will be met for completion of the degree.
  • Students must have a declared major(s)/minor(s) and be registered for their final term before submitting this form.
  • All requirements on the student’s DARS should be complete (green), or in progress (yellow), with the exception of the Academic Standing-Probation/Suspension requirement.  If a requirement is not met, use the Comments area to explain how that requirement will be met.
  • The student’s Application for Graduation must be submitted by the midterm date of the graduating term to be eligible for provisional honors and to have the student’s name in the Commencement program.
  • There is no summer commencement.  Students completing degree requirements in the summer term have the option to participate in the previous Spring or subsequent Fall Commencement ceremony.  Please indicate Summer as the Graduation Term and then choose your commencement term as either spring or fall.  Those students choosing spring term as the commencement term must apply for graduation by the midterm date of that spring term.
  • Approval to participate in Commencement is based upon successful completion or in progress status of all catalog degree requirements. 
  • A minimum of 6-8 weeks must be allowed for processing your application.  All applications will be processed in the order they are submitted online.
  • When the degree is posted to the record, the University Communications department sends a graduation announcement to the hometown newspaper as noted on the student’s Application for Graduation. 
  • Participation in a commencement ceremony does not imply graduation.  A final degree audit is performed after all grades have been recorded.  Students must successfully complete all course, major/minor, and degree requirements prior to the posting of the degree. 
  • Notification of approval for graduation will be sent via your WSU email account.  A notice will also be sent to your advisor. 

Please read the information regarding Graduation Requirements at:

Associate of Arts Degree

Baccalaureate Degree 

  • Double Degree Policy – Student must complete all requirements for each major and/or minor and earned a minimum of 150 credits.
  • Double Major Policy – Elect the degree designation if you have completed two or more majors under different degree designations.

Find more information on commencement and/or graduation honors.


Graduation Application

***Use the link above for both submission of new applications and for submitting revisions to previously submitted applications.