Uniface/ISRS Recertification

Every year the Minnesota State Information Technology department requests that Minnesota State Campuses revisit who has rights and permissions within Uniface/ISRS student system.

Selected approval managers throughout campus are responsible for recertifying Faculty, Staff and Students who have been given permissions within Uniface.

Because approval managers often give permissions to students in other areas at the request of those students' supervisors, it is very difficult to know if these students are still employed and needing those rights within the system.

We are requesting all managers of student workers that have been given rights in ISRS to please fill out the online form found below. An entry must be made for each student employee you have or they will not be able to log in to Uniface/ISRS on January 1.

This will allow the approval managers to go through and leave the appropriate rights for each student employee intact as needed.

Any student employee not entered by Dec. 15 will not be re-certified by the approval managers and could lose their permissions within Uniface/ISRS by Dec. 31.

If you have questions about how to use this online form or if you have students who need entry, please do not hesitate to email Tania Schmidt at tmschmidt@winona.edu or Dave Gresham at dgresham@winona.edu.