Course Grade Changes

Changing Grades 

Please select the appropriate Change of Grade Form below.  When the form is completed, click OK and online workflow will forward it to the appropriate departments.

Grade Corrections Made During Open Grading Period

Grade Correction Form  (Open only during the grading period, this form assists faculty in quickly correcting grades which have been accidentally entered incorrectly using the online web grading method.)

Changing I or IP Grades

Change of I or IP to a Grade  (Use this form when updating a student’s grade from an Incomplete or In-Progress to an earned grade.  Dean's approval not required.) 

Change of Grade Forms 

These forms are open throughout the year for all grade change purposes and are routed to the appropriate Dean’s Office for approval.  Please select the form below that matches your college.

College of Business – Change of Grade Form

College of Education – Change of Grade Form

College of Liberal Arts – Change of Grade Form

College of Nursing & Health Sciences – Change of Grade Form

College of Science & Engineering – Change of Grade Form

The instructor submitting the Change of Grade Form should receive an immediate email verification.  When the Change of Grade Form workflow has been completed, the instructor will receive a final email stating the form was “Deleted.”  This indicates the online form has been deleted from the workflow process and permanently moved into the student’s record. 

Grades Currently Accepted at WSU:

Normal Grade Method  (Minnesota State Code 01)

A, B, C, D, F

Pass/No Credit Grade Method  (Minnesota State Code 04)


Administrative Indicators

I = incomplete,  IP = In-Progress,  AU = Audit, W = Withdraw