Final Exam Schedules

Because the semester extends through the final exam week, classes are expected to meet as designated in the final exam schedule. An instructor who wishes to reschedule an exam during final exam week must receive prior approval from the college dean.

Courses of more than two credits will have final exam times determined by the day the class first meets for lecture each week. Final exams for classes beginning on Monday, Wednesday or Friday will meet at MWF times. Final exams for classes beginning on Tuesday or Thursday will meet at TH times.

Examinations in classes offered for one or two credits will be given during the last regularly scheduled class period prior to the first day of the final examination schedule. The responsibility for allowing exceptions for individual students rests with the student and the instructor.

Classes scheduled to meet 5pm or later are considered evening courses. Final examinations for evening courses should occur on the last scheduled course date before finals week. Faculty for evening courses beginning after 6pm who want to use final exam week should seek approval from their college dean if a local college policy does not already exist. All other classes follow the day class schedule.

Some classes may begin at times other than the regularly scheduled start times. Final exams for these classes will be held at the examination time schedule for the class period in which the start time of the class falls. For example, a class beginning at 9am Tuesday and Thursday will have its final exam at the time scheduled for 8-9:20am TH classes.

The content of the final examination is determined by the course instructor, who is encouraged to consult with the students prior to giving the final.


Summer Sessions

Final examinations for summer courses are held during the last scheduled class meeting.


Fall and Spring Semester Finals Schedule

Final exams are Monday-Thursday of Final Exam Week each semester with the following schedule.

Regular Class Schedule
 Final Exam Time
 8-8:50am MWF  8-10am
 12:30-1:50pm TH  10:30am-12:30pm
 1-1:50pm MWF  1-3pm
 3-3:50pm MWF  3:30-5:30pm
Regular Class Schedule
Final Exam Time
9-9:50am MWF  8-10am
12-12:50pm MWF 10:30am-12:30pm
2-3:20pm TH  1-3pm
3:30-4:50pm TH
Regular Class Schedule
Final Exam Time
10-10:50am MWF 8-10am
2-2:50pm MWF 10:30am-12:30pm
9:30-10:50am TH 1-3pm
 8-9:20am TH 3:30-5:30pm

Regular Class Schedule
Final Exam Time
11-11:50am MWF 8-10am
11-12:20pm TH 1-3pm
4-4:50pm MWF

No final exams will be scheduled at 10:30am-12:30pm on Thursday. This time slot is reserved for Commencement Rehearsal.