WSU Student Records Retention

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Policy Statement

Winona State University has implemented a Student Records Retention Schedule  as a guide for Student Records Management.  This retention schedule guides staff to the proper action needed for the creation and disposition of student records.   The WSU Student Record Retention Schedule will:

  • Act as a resource for University staff that handle student records;
  • Promote the use of technology in the record retention process;
  • Work to properly maintain and protect university records according to state and federal standards and statutes.

What is Student Records Management?

Records Management is a plan designed to aid in the creation, organization, maintenance, use, and disposition process of University records. Minnesota defines a record as:

“…cards, correspondence, discs, maps, memoranda, microfilms, papers, photographs, recordings, reports, tapes, writings, optical disks, and other data, information, or documentary material, regardless of physical form or characteristics, storage media or conditions of use, made or received by an officer or agency of the state and an officer or agency of a county, city, town, school district, municipal subdivision or corporation or other public authority or political entity within the state pursuant to state law or in connection with the transaction of public business by an officer or agency;” (Minnesota Statute 138.17) [Link to the Statute]

What is Records Retention?

Record Retention is the amount of time that an institution will retain a record until it can be disposed of.

What is Record Disposition?

Record Disposition is the action taken after the retention period of a record has expired.  This action may be destruction, or transfer of the record to an archive.


Reason for Policy

Winona State University created a Student Record Retention Schedule to ensure that student records and information was being maintained according to state and federal laws and statutes.

Minnesota Statute 138.17

[MS 138.17]

Minnesota Statute 15.17

[MS 15.17]

Minnesota Statute 138.19

[MS 138.19]

Code of Federal Regulations 34 § 668.24

[CFR 34 § 668.24]


Student Record Retention Schedule

To view a copy of the entire WSU Student Record Retention Schedule.



Warrior Hub – (507) 457-2800

Registrar - (507) 457-5031



This record retention program is a revision of the 1983 version of the WSU Record Retention Schedule.